Why Choose Kala?

Kala Agency understands that how our clients present themselves digitally is an extension of WHO they are in the physical world, and people will respond to those visuals accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A holistic approach to search engine optimization (SEO), with solutions that mesh with your business goals and take advantage of competitor weaknesses to raise your brand authority.


  • Keyword selection
  • Automation
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Evergreen content creation

Linkedin Lead Generation

Optimize your profile and company page to maximize their VISIBILITY on Linkedin, connect with potential leads on Sales Navigator and increase the number of Sales calls. 


  • Brand awareness
  • Connect with potential leads
  • A/B Testing
  • Increase your sales calls

Does this sound familiar…?

Before SEO vs After SEO

Before SEO: If I don’t run ads, I don’t get clients. My whole business and website traffic depends entirely on paid ads, and it’s becoming expensive! After SEO: Optimized PPC campaigns to decrease spending and simultaneous organic sales from a solid SEO strategy.

Before SEO: Search engine algorithms are changing too rapidly, and I can’t understand them. I can’t keep up with the search engine algorithm change. After SEO: Continuous algorithmic study and monitoring by an expert SEO team.

Before SEO: My competitors keep winning and attracting my ideal clients but whenever my website receives visitors, they never buy! After SEO: Increased conversions and user retention.

Before SEO: My website is receiving users but they don’t seem like real people. After SEO: Obstruction of malicious website traffic indexing (spam) and a marked improvement on your website’s analytics.

Before Linkedin Lead Generation vs After Linkedin Lead Generation

Before Linkedin Lead Generation: I’m confused because too many so-called “social media gurus” offer conflicting ideas on what works. After Linkedin Lead Generation: Clarity on what works for your particular niche or industry. No more one-size-fits-all.

Before Linkedin Lead Generation: A DIY approach has left me in the dust, and my competitors are constantly going viral. After Linkedin Lead Generation: Access to best practices and expert advice on viral content.


About Kala

Founded by digital natives, Kala digital marketing agency specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation services for B2B brands that are ready to create a digital voice that matches who they are in real life.

The story behind Kala is quite interesting…Read More

More Than Benefits

Kala believes that it’s important for all our clients to be able to track and measure the results that they receive from us because “what gets measured, gets managed”.


Increase your level of industry authority versus competitors


Increase the rate at which users interact with your brand

Quality Leads

Only speak to potential clients that are ready to buy

Best Tools

Strategies aside, we have the best tools to make it happen!

Our Services Loved By

Kala believes that it’s important for all our clients to be able to track and measure the results that they receive from us because “what gets measured, gets managed”.


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More Testimonials from Our Clients

Working with Kala is a pleasure, here are some qualities the team is providing: Good listeners, problem solvers, structured, punctual/on time, flexible , good communicators.

I would 100% recommend Gabriela and her team to other companies that are in a position to start or develop their brand. Achievements together have been great and it's moving in the right direction.


Trion Finance & Consulting

Kala Agency has exceeded our expectations.
Kala team has helped us better understand the needs of our project, ensuring that the results have more impact on our business plan than our initial objective.

They also completed on time and with quality the agreed tasks and project objectives, showing proactivity and mastery in her areas of knowledge and experience.



For those who read this: What am I trying to say? It is easy to inspire a beginner. It is more difficult to inspire someone who already has some knowledge in this field. So, Kala Agency team arereally experienced experts!

We will hire kala team again, no question!



We are an international B2B company. We have been working with Kala for 1 year and the results are very positive. She started with a SEO audit to see the status of our page, solved all the errors, and optimized it for its positioning. Nowadays, we continue working with her with SEO & web maintenance, and content creation. Thank you!



Kala Agency helped me with google ads and google my business SEO optimization for my local business in Barcelona. Communication was excellent, they delivered their job in time and helped me increase conversions! She also came up with very good points to help my business grow. I will hire Kala Agency again soon.


Furgos Paco

Kala agency team were consummated professionals throughout the contract with us. They made themselves highly available to the team and showed their expertise when it came to using our custom CMS and proprietary tech. Their content work was done to a high standard, on time, and we would happily work with them again on any relevant future SEO projects.



Excellent cooperation, good communication, good knowledge and very helpful, will definitely work with them again!



Excellent cooperation! Love working with Kala Agency, always understands the clients requirements well, good communication and good knowledge.


Plus Render

I did not have much knowledge in this field, Kala Agency was extremely helpful in giving me the information to understand the entire process of their work. They are very efficient and timely with great communication. Would definitely recommend them. Very kind and easy to work with!


Health Through Therapy
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We are accredited

Google & Linkedin Certifications

This is how you know that the Kala team is composed of professionals. We are serious about getting results for our clients.


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