5 Top SEO Companies in Spain – 2023

December 14, 2023

Before hiring any type of search engine optimization service, it’s essential to address the best Spanish SEO agencies to do it. Knowing which are the correct specialists to carry out strategies can significantly simplify climbing the search rankings.

Why Has SEO in Spain Has Grown So Much Recently?

There are many reasons why SEO services have seen so much growth in the Spanish market lately. The increase in online presence has been a crucial factor worldwide, and the Iberic region isn’t an exception.

Globalization and e-commerce are another reason. Businesses are increasingly encouraged to allocate resources to marketing every day, competing locally and internationally to gain more potential customers.

How Much Do the Spanish Buy Online?

According to different surveys and specialists, the number of people in Spain buying online products has risen through the years. At least 50% of online users report spending at least 50 euros or less shopping online, while 15% spent more than 100.

More than 70% of users online have bought at least once since 2020, numbers that have significantly increased with the pandemic, without seeming to stop anytime soon.

Most Popular Search Engines in Spain

To understand users, sales, and their market, SEO agencies need to acknowledge what search engines are being used. While Google stays on top as the dominant search engine, others have also been chosen by users.

Direct competitors like Bing or Yahoo complete this top, although used to a lesser extent than their primary. Other engines like DuckDuckGo or Ask to complete the list in many places below.

What Makes SEO So Important in this Region?

Besides the growth in technological uses and users surfing the internet, SEO has gained a lot of notoriety to match competitiveness. With around 42 out of 47 million people using the Internet in Spain, dominating the online market is a must for all brands.

SEO is very important because it increases local visibility and helps target linguistic regions with cultural variations like Castile or Latin America.

What Are the Top Professional SEO Services in Spain?

Many SEO companies in Spain are currently providing their services to businesses online. Each one has its pros and cons, with unique features, specialists, and services that make them unique.

Conducting a proper analysis before hiring a marketing agency is vital to know your needs and which can provide the best service. These are some of the most known agencies currently:

Kala Agency

Kala Agency is one of the most renowned agencies for engine optimization. This multilingual SEO company helps businesses from Spain and worldwide dominate the existing markets and expand into newer ones.

This agency is unique because the team has native speakers for every language they work for, with high skill and professionalism. They know and address each country’s cultural nuances and linguistic forms and adapt your site to them.

Its skilled agents can develop strategies that help access niche audiences with keyword research and proper link-building and content. Such precise targeting ensures relevance and a better ranking in search engines.

Besides that, it also offers enterprise SEO, business-to-business, and other optimization for specific platforms.


This agency is another well-known SEO company in Spain. They specialize in qualified traffic, inbound, and automated marketing. Hiring these specialists can help carry out strategies related to email marketing, web design, and content creation.

What makes this company recognizable is the brands that trusted them. Great companies like Carrefour, Makro, and Teléfonica are among their clients. On the downside, this Spanish agency only operates within this language, significantly limiting its reach to other markets.

Estudio 34

Since 2010, this agency in Barcelona, known as Estudio 34, has been a famous company in the Spanish region. They provide digital clarity with clear strategies, innovative ways, and flexible measures.

Acquiring this company can significantly benefit those seeking an advantage against their competitors. Their “Full stack strategy” combines SEM, SEO, CRO, and web analytics, making it very efficient.

Each strategy is personalized to the client, with AdWord campaigns, Google Shopping, and other social media platforms. Each is created with clear and concise objectives fitting for a business.


ThinkIN is a strategic and technological partner agency focused on hotels. It’s a renowned company that most lodgings and resorts from Spain utilize to bolster their commercialization, increasing sales and rentability.

Businesses can find helpful resources for web booking sales, revenue management, or social marketing. It also provides some free resources and strategies for those hotel owners trying to improve their visibility.


Offering innovative plans, SkyRocket made itself a name by connecting brands with their audiences worldwide. For those with a developed business strategy, these specialists can carry it out and define objectives that adapt to it.

With data channels and platforms suited for technological planning, this company from Barcelona can work with trends, targets, and many business formats. The brand’s Trading Desks also activate the chosen devices, maximizing results regardless of location.

Its support for Google, Yandex, Bing, Apple Search, and Amazon makes it an exciting choice for those who do not only focus on Google. 

Things to Address When Hiring an SEO Agency

Besides choosing the correct agency, addressing specific points is essential to ensure that it fits the brand. This is why completing research beforehand is vital to avoid unpleasant turnbacks.

Determine Your Goals

The first step to determining the best-fitting agency for your brand is addressing the goals. Deciding what you want from an SEO agency and the points to solve is necessary.

Each business goal must determine the expectations that will impact the choice of any SEO company in Spain. A straightforward decision will be paved once the plans are measured and acknowledged

Ask for Previous Results

A great way to check how good an agency can be for your business is by asking for previous results or their background history. Case studies, testimonials, reviews, and interviews are all helpful to acknowledge this.

Even if agencies can’t show you their clients’ names in some cases, they can deliver results through Google Analytics, the Search Console, and their SEO tool. This way, you’ll see progress and compare it to other agencies and before/after work.

Check for Guarantees

An essential tip for those not used to SEO is that you should always wake away if an agency promises you keyword ranking for specific words. It’s impossible to guarantee site tagging with a keyword at a particular time on the internet.

Still, agencies must be able to tell you how long the campaign must be done, how long it must take for a proposal to be completed, and when the results will be seen. While factors around the period may vary, a strategy can change in 3 to 6 months.

The lower competition for your brand can also ensure a higher and faster ranking climbing, but results are never guaranteed.

Question the Agency’s Strategy

It’s crucial to ask how a strategy will be carried out to reach goals. Questioning the agency’s systems isn’t a bad thing. It’s part of the client’s right to know what actions the specialists will take to succeed with their plan.

Some of the top questions are asking about their link-building strategy, content optimization plans, increase of topic authority, and content prioritization.

Trustworthy SEO agencies like the listed ones will always practice only white-hat SEO techniques that won’t harm your website. It’s essential to address this to know that the agents won’t use “tricks” or illegal shortcuts to achieve a goal.

Examine the Team

Knowing how the team is conformed should also be a priority regarding what type of agency you’re hiring.

A reputable agency has many in-house specialists who can provide their skill and expertise to all areas needed: technical SEO, content writing, link building, developers, designers, and translation agents in cases like Kala, for example.

The more diverse an agency is, the more likely it will provide a more capable strategy. It also increases the chances of success.

Review Their Website

Always check the agency site to see how well it ranks its keywords on the search engines. It’s a terrible sign if they do not: a high-quality SEO company always has a page that can stand and back itself.

Also, check how well their optimization, user experience, intuitiveness, and design are. While these tips seem irrelevant, they are essential to keep clients on the page.

You don’t need SEO tools to see everything at a simple glance; any user can notice significant flaws without expertise.


The top SEO companies in Spain are committed to excellence in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

These firms leverage innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and a deep understanding of the Spanish market. Such tools help businesses enhance their online visibility and drive organic traffic.

Companies demonstrate their ability to deliver tangible results through meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, or comprehensive SEO audits.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, partnering with companies like Kala Agency can ensure your company sustains growth. This will likely lead to success in the competitive online space in Spain, attracting more customers, revenue, and visibility.

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