Best Customer Acquisition Strategy for Businesses

February 12, 2024

Attracting new customers is very important to sustain and grow any business over time, but doing so isn’t enough to keep long-term clients. Developing strategies and marketing efforts that can appeal to the right people is a must to succeed.

Creating a proper customer acquisition strategy that attracts and engages users is vital to delight your site’s potential customers and merge it with SEO to unleash its full potential.

What is Customer Acquisition?

The main purpose of customer acquisition is to find reputable and methodical ways to attract more potential customers to your business. Different strategies created by marketing specialists can make users take action. This acquires new customers and grows revenue for the business.

While this whole process sounds like marketing, there’s a difference between both. Marketing aims to build awareness, while customer acquisition looks to drive action. It looks forward to checking what happens after a potential customer clicks through your page.

Why Is It Important?

A customer acquisition strategy is very important for any business, no matter its size, age, or budget. It allows a company to make money faster to meet costs, pay employees, and reinvest the gains in more growth.

Besides that, it shows evidence of traction for outside parties, including investors, partners, and other influencers. Constantly attracting new customers keeps the company healthy and investors happy. 

What Are the Customer Acquisition Channels?

The platforms companies use to promote their products and services are known as customer acquisition channels. The correct one for your business depends on audience, resources, and strategy. These are all of them:

Organic Search

It refers to search engine result pages (SERPs). To leverage organic searches as a customer acquisition channel, it’s vital to invest in SEO since it complements content marketing efforts by optimizing it to be easily found.

Paid Search

Paid-per-click, or PPC, is the process of advertising through search engines themselves, opposite to the organic search way. Some platforms allow businesses to display ads on partner websites and publishers, gaining even more notoriety.

PPC allows users to create a search result and pay for it to be shown alongside the normal organic searches, increasing the chances of users clicking it.

Organic Social Media

Like search engines, social media marketing is split into organic and paid. The organic method is the most useful one when it comes to boosting brand awareness and sharing content. In addition, it also capitalizes on the virality that media can have, inspiring customers to share and repost it.

Paid Social Media

Conducting a paid social media strategy could be vital if you have the specialists to carry it out. It heavily depends on a site’s budget and the audience type, so it doesn’t work for every company. Its ads and exposure ensure an easy way to get the content shown to people without having a loyal follower base.


Customers can sometimes be an excellent method of boosting a customer acquisition strategy. Earning customer referrals is a successful way to get new users into the site. While this is not a forced method, there are a couple of ways to encourage users to refer to others.

Many companies use referral programs: offering incentives, giveaways, bonuses, or rewards is the ideal way to motivate a customer to refer a link. Most structures work best in B2C referrals, although B2B companies should ask for direct referrals.

Traditional Advertisement

Companies often forget the power traditional ads still have over the radio, TV, and print media. They are an amazing fit for local businesses and large companies with the budget to carry out these marketing campaigns.

This traditional ad method is a powerful customer acquisition method if the targets are adequately addressed before launching.


Conferences, webinars, or shows are simple ways to connect with potential customers and users locally and online. In today’s world, most events are held online, which makes it even easier to acquire new customers: they just need to register with an email to attend.

In addition, virtual events can help to connect with publishers and prospects willing to sponsor and support your cause, benefiting both parties.

Other Great Customer Acquisition Strategies

There are many plans marketing specialists possess to bring new customers into a business. These strategies involve mixing different techniques and methods that can attract and make content more engaging for your target audience.

Customer Research

The process known as customer research consists of recollecting data and other insights that can help a company understand its audience. To acquire the most fitting customers, knowledge of their interests is power. This is the most crucial way to get and retain more customers.

Product insight platforms combined with quantitative data can help specialists connect with what people do on the site and why, creating compelling strategies.

Search Engine Optimization Methods

Improving search engine optimization is one of the best ways to increase organic traffic and other metrics. This brings more business visitors and acquires more customers without spending much on paid advertisements. There are three main tips that specialists must always keep in mind:

  • Prioritizing people over search engines: while staying up to date with every SEO update is vital, never do it at the expense of your users. Specialists mustn’t put algorithms over people since the value must be delivered to them.
  • Understand users: to improve and understand which tactics are working and what needs to be changed, watching sessions, recordings, and users is necessary. This helps to know what the next step should be.
  • Track the journey: tracking the bounce rates and funnel drop-offs throughout the customer journey is vital. It allows experts to see if the users visiting your site are finding what they’re looking for, having issues, or not getting what they need.

Addressing these critical points can increase organic traffic through SEO techniques and deliver the best possible experience to users.

Content and Email Marketing

Creating and sharing content that helps with engagement and persuasion for users to become customers is beneficial. Having content marketing for every step and stage of the customer acquisition funnel (awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention) has many benefits.

Delivering content in different channels and formats like blogs, videos, podcasts, or infographics helps to increase ROI. Both SEO-optimized blog pages and content creation can be used to increase and successfully attract new prospects.

Much like content marketing, emails can also be used at various points of the customer acquisition funnel stage. It helps build relationships with users, keep them engaged, and secure sales conversion, primarily through discounts or offers.


Customer reviews are user-generated content that includes their experiences, photos, and videos that work as social proof. These testimonials are essential for a business’s whole process to increase the users’ trust in the company.

After a purchase, reminding users and encouraging them to leave a review is essential. Collecting reviews not only helps to gain trust but also makes it easier for potential users who are looking at your site to decide and buy.

How to Pick the Most Fitting Strategy?

The wide range of techniques can leave some doubts when choosing the right one. A good customer acquisition strategy must be chosen and managed by marketing agency specialists who know the factors that should be considered:

Plan Your Audience

The more information a company has about its audience, the more likely it will be able to catch their interest. Knowing the channels they’re on and their demographic characteristics helps to tailor customer acquisition plans.

Proper planning means attracting a suitable customer base from the start, creating long-term customer satisfaction.

Check Budget and Resources

A comprehensive analysis of the available budget, tools, and resources is vital before any new strategy. Staying within the budget and prioritizing the necessary customer strategies should be the goal to avoid any crisis.

Creating a Customer Journey Map

A good customer journey map to understand the stages people go through before becoming a new customer is great for understanding what to do. No strategy will tick every box on the list, so combining customer acquisition strategies can do the trick to meet goals.


Identifying the best customer acquisition strategy for businesses is a multifaceted endeavor that necessitates a nuanced and adaptable approach. Most strategies encompass a solid online presence, utilizing social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

The key lies in understanding the unique needs and behaviors of the target audience, employing data analytics to refine strategies over time, and maintaining a customer-centric focus that fosters long-term relationships.

By embracing a diversified approach, businesses can attract new customers effectively and establish a robust foundation for sustained growth and resilience in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Remember that hiring the services of an agency like Kala can help you navigate the complex landscape, remaining agile and open to refining strategies based on real-time data and customer feedback. This added to SEO strategies, can exponentially boost your site’s visibility and trustworthiness.

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