Best Linkedin SEO Strategies for Your Profile

February 19, 2023

To gain notoriety online, you must stand out from your competitors. This is only possible by using Linkedin marketing strategies. This article will explain key terms you should consider when optimizing this and why SEO on Linkedin will be your best option.

What is Linkedin SEO?

Linkedin SEO is the process of optimizing your Linkedin profile for search engines. When someone searches for terms related to your business account, you will appear at the top of the search results.

Does LinkedIn help SEO? This method aims to increase visibility, making it easier for recruiters and potential employers to find you. It involves optimizing your profile for certain keywords, your profile content, creating a compelling headline, and more.

Benefits of Optimizing A Profile

The optimization of a profile through SEO methods can have many benefits. These are some of the most important:

  • Increased visibility ensures that it will appear at the top of search results when companies search for terms related to your industry.
  • Enhanced credibility: appearing at the top of search results increases your credibility and helps to set you apart from the competition.
  • Improved engagement: SEO-optimized profiles tend to receive more views and engagement than profiles that are not optimized. You’ll have more opportunities to connect with potential managers and recruiters.
  • Networking opportunities: Since you will connect with more employers, networking can open up opportunities to help further your career.

Also, keep in mind to update a profile regularly, keeping up-to-date and posting a couple of times a week to avoid losing engagement. Doing so is important because optimizing an inactive profile would not work.

What’s the Main Use of LinkedIn?

According to recent statistics, more than two-thirds of Linkedin users use the platform to search for potential employees. This means optimizing a profile for SEO is essential to stand out from the competition and ensure you’re seen.

In addition, the average user spends more than three hours per month on the platform. These numbers prove that optimization is essential to engage other browsing users.

What Tools Should Be Used?

To achieve these objectives, the use of quality tools is essential. This includes software to analyze online user searches, search trends, tools to analyze the competition, etc. Unfortunately, they are many and very expensive. Therefore, if marketing is not your main income source, hiring someone to do it for you is preferable.

Reputable agencies like Kala have all the necessary tools to help you and increase lead generation. Also, the experience gained from working with clients similar to the service you offer allows them to develop better thought-out strategies.

Hiring someone to do this research for you will allow you or your team more time to focus on other tasks that require attention.

Other Ways to Make a Linkedin Profile Engaging

SEO is the pyramid’s base when making a strategy, but aesthetics must accompany this. It is not enough to appear first in searches if, when users arrive at your profile, they will find sloppy images or poor information. 

These are some of the main points to keep in mind: 

Good Profile Photo

Make sure to include a professional profile picture. Doing so creates a positive first impression and makes you stand out. 

You’ll ideally want to choose a clear white or plain background when taking your picture and only show your head and shoulders, wearing professional attire.

Complete Profile Information

Add every information possible, including your location, skills, and interests, to your profile. This will help search engine algorithms recognize the relevance of your profile and make it more visible on SERPs. Using links to your blogs can also give you an authoritative source on certain topics.

Additionally, add an elegant and professional headline and a descriptive summary. This will give potential recruiters an overview of your experience and qualifications.

Remember to make your profile public. This is mandatory for people to contact you, especially through email addresses and phone numbers.

Join Groups

Making networking with relevant people and groups is essential. This helps to increase your visibility on Linkedin and know individuals from the sector. Join relevant Linkedin groups to meet more users who will help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry news.

Customizing URLs

LinkedIn allows you to fully personalize URLs, changing them from the automated profile ones. These are usually very long and contain a random assessment of numbers that are hard to memorize. Modifying it allows getting a link that is easy to remember and faster to find.

Use Hashtags

While it is more professional than others, LinkedIn is still a social platform. One proof of this is its use of hashtags to mark certain content. Users can follow topics with these words, pointing them in the right direction.

Employing them is vital because they can appear on the user’s feed without searching for the article. The related content will appear on the feed if a user follows that hashtag. Every post has a list of suggested hashtags at the end for the user to choose from.

Check Analytics

Analyzing the data is another way to ensure optimization tools are working properly. For example, LinkedIn has many analytics reports for personal and business profiles that show an account’s number of views, searches, and post views.

It can also track new followers, the impressions each post gets, and how many unique visitors frequent your articles. Tracking conversions can also help to know how many leads are generated from Google clicks on your LinkedIn page.

Benefit from Skill Endorsements

Using the LinkedIn recommendation and skill endorsement system adds credibility to a profile. This is also a written statement for employers to know what kind of work they can do, being a skill validation displayed for anyone to see.

Writing recommendations and endorsing others’ skills is a good way to receive them back, helping network and increasing your rating.

Using SEO Tips for Articles

The profile optimization method is only one of many ways to increase numbers on the professional network platform. Many other tips and ways can help improve a user’s clicks rate and views easily through the articles they write:

Use Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important elements to achieving a good SEO article for LinkedIn. Research the words and phrases people use to search for your topic to understand how to get them to visit your profile or page links.

When selecting keywords for your content, go for ones with a relatively high search volume to ensure you’ll get clicks. Look for keywords with low competition, too, as this will help you rank higher in the search results.

Always remember that every word needs to be used naturally and strategically. Do not fill the articles with them, which could negatively impact them.

Write SEO Descriptions

An important part of attracting people to an article is to cause a good first impression. Descriptions can do this. Write short summaries of your content for search results, and remember to add the keyword to increase visibility and help people understand your content.

When writing SEO descriptions, keep them short and to the point. Aim for around 150-160 characters, and include your primary keyword. You should also try to make your descriptions engaging and relevant to the content. Call-to-actions are recommended too.

Optimize Images

Multimedia is an important part of any article. It not only makes it more readable for users and gives a break, but it also can help with a significant impact on your SEO. Therefore, select high-quality images relevant to your topic when writing.

Every image also needs to have descriptive captions and alt tags. They provide text-based depictions of an image and help browsers to understand what the image is about. A caption also provides additional context for readers to make it more engaging.

Last but not least important, find manageable images. Large ones can significantly slow down a website, so keep them small and compressed if necessary. This will help your website load faster and improve the overall experience of those visiting it.


Whatever your profession, you need to stand out from your competition. It’s vital to gain status because many employers and recruiters use it to find new employees and know what potential candidates are posting.

If you want to get started today by generating content for your blog and uploading it to Linkedin, write to us! Kala will be your best option.

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