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An Analytical Strategy Towards SEO & SEM for an International SAAS Finance Company


What does a new company website with little to no content have in common with a well-heeled B2B SAAS company that has been around for two decades? When it comes to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and lead generation, it turns out, a lot more than meets the eye…




from easyap


B2B International company from financial and accounting system.

Service(s) Requested

Site optimization, keyword research, market analysis, content creation and SEM.

Problem Solved

No presence in Google


Organic Traffic

+74,6 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 63 %

Quality Leads

+34,8 %

Session Time Per User


About The Company

Easyap is a 20-year-old SAAS SME that has developed an informatics tool that helps companies automate their accounting systems, by optimizing the process of dispatch, reception, and recording of financial documentation.

Innovation and development of the best accounting tools is easyap’s main goal, albeit this process can be demanding.

“Our innovative system and our focus on increasing productivity and efficiency in the process is stressful,”

Says Gonzalo, The Founder of Easyap

Not Understanding Why SEO is
Important for Business

SEO can be defined as a way of strategically increasing the number and quality of organic (non-paid) traffic to your website by creating content that would interest those leads. Creating and sharing content about their industry insights with their target market is a high priority for easyap, especially as their market weighs its accounting software options.

For years, easyap struggled to attract organic leads, and the few leads that did land on the company’s website were of low quality, not to mention, the website had a high bounce rate because the UX design was not intuitive, and for that reason, the easyap website was unable to retain the attention of those low-quality leads.

Attracting high-quality, organic leads that come to your website and take in the information that you convey (retention-rate) are the three (3) most important digital marketing metrics.

“It is mandatory to demonstrate to our users and potential clients that we are always updated and our technology is up to date,” he emphasizes, and before continuing: “We share information and knowledge through our blog and LinkedIn.”

Just as an accounting professional would never recommend taking a DIY approach to business accounting if you’re trying to grow your business, taking a DIY approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an equally fatal mistake, says Gonzalo

“Leave it for professionals,” he warns.

Still, years went by and the company had been trying to do everything that a digital marketer would be responsible for, to no avail.

Working With Kala

Content Creation Strategy & Keyword Research

They created their own content but didn’t understand the fundamentals of SEO, and because they had no keyword focus, their blog content didn’t have any optimization structure. On the other hand, they were simultaneously reading up on, and trying to execute Search Engine Marketing (SEM), unsuccessfully — not to mention handling the day-to-day needs of their business.

Needless to say, their attempts at DIY SEO and DIY SEM were futile.

“Hiring an agency and leaving it to people that know what they do will increase results,”

-Gonzalo Declares

For twenty (20) years, until easyap finally handed the reigns over to Kala, they were spinning their wheels and not moving anywhere.

They hoped that something would eventually stick, but nothing did, because even if people visited their website, they’d leave just as they landed.

“We struggled to find a way to properly reach our clients online,” Gonzalo says, before continuing: “We have strong commercial capabilities in the ‘real world’ but not online.”

Finally, instead of giving up on their nonexistent SEO and SEM strategy, they reached out to Kala, the founder of Kala.

“Kala is very proactive and helps us approach in a good direction the digital marketing issues we’ve been coming across during this past year,” He Says.

Easyap SEO Audit

Managers often assume that their problems are tougher than digital marketing experts can handle, “you’ve never seen a website this bad”, they’ll say. The truth is, however, that unless you get a full website audit, you’ll never really know how a user experiences your website and is secondarily directed to your social media accounts; so that’s usually the Kala team’s first step.

Ironically, one of the consequences of working with Kala to craft your digital marketing strategy, and position your brand where your ideal client can actually see it and make a thoughtful decision, is that your confidence also increases, as your margins and reach increase.

This was the exact case for easyap.
Gonzalo agrees that he has since started to feel more confident with his business’ digital strategy.

“Kala’s team redesigned my website and the bounce rate decreased significantly.”

Initially, easyap had a bounce rate of 80% and after working with Kala, it decreased to 14%. This bounce-rate continues to decrease year on year.

Digital Strategy Execution and Optimization

He also noticed that after Kala agency crafted easyap’s website optimization strategy, there was a significant increase in session duration, as well as an increase in the website’s clickthrough rate (CTR), as well as the number of leads they received per month — which Gonzalo directly attributes to the Kala team’s SEO and SEM strategies.

So, why did it take easyap so long to turn to our agency? Why 2020, and why not 2019 or sooner? Gonzalo’s answer is understandable

“Since Covid-19 [global pandemic], we realized how important it was to improve our online presence,” He Concludes.

A lot of managers and founders take a long time to consult with digital marketing agencies because they worry about the quality of the company’s digital marketing/SEO practices.

Ironically, when easyap approached Kala, this wasn’t a concern of theirs. They were more concerned about the fact that their ideal clients and customers were not finding them anywhere on the major search engines.

“Now that I know how important it is I am worried that we may have taken action too late,”

Gonzalo says, warning that putting off working with an SEO and SEM agency robs you of making more revenues from your business.

He’s now an advocate and proponent of working with Kala based on the service that our team provided him with. When asked about Kala’s team, he is full of compliments!

“The team at Kala is proactive, very communicative, transparent and she knows what she is doing, very professional!” He gushes.

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