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Understanding How a Real Estate Website’s Users Flow, React to Data and Convert

You’d think that a real estate control and information service provider would have access to the best web design, UX, SEO and content creation strategies, however, even a company that sophisticated can still fall prey to bad advice, and when this happens…


Organic Traffic

+97,2 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 51 %

Quality Leads

+100 %

Session Time Per User


About Company

Trion Finance and Consulting S.L is a real estate control and information management service provider founded in 2013 with consultants such as Alper Toklucu. Trion Finance aims to deliver accurate financial advice, in order to ensure that residential purchases are in the best interests of their sellers and buyers. And because of the multinational nature of the company, it was important for their potential customers to be able to find them online.

With that being said, Trion Finance took a DIY approach to their digital presence, but it seemed as if everything they were doing (as advised by blogs and forums) was simply not working, and they had hit a brick wall.

“I wasn’t particularly sure about what Trion Finance needed help with per se,” Says Alper

“However,” he continues: “I came across Kala, so I reached out. Fortunately,
the Kala team offered me a no-obligation diagnostic…” He concludes.

Kala’s No-Obligation Website Diagnostics

Nobody wants to invest in mysterious services and the Kala team knows that the value in their services comes from delivering measurable change. That’s why they provide all their clients with a no-obligation website diagnostics test.

What this diagnostic test revealed was that had a bounce rate of 80.5%, amongst other things.

To add context, a bounce rate that is greater than 65% is considered high in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience design industry, so when the Kala team determined that had a rate that was 15.5% higher than the tolerable threshold, it became clear that Trion Finance may have been doing more damage with their DIY approach than they had initially realized.

“A bounce rate that is greater than 65% is considered high”…

Another finding from the diagnostics was the fact that had zero (0) leads brought in through search. They were simply not ranking on Google, Yahoo, or even Bing. The narrow pool of search traffic that they were receiving was still not contacting them, so they also had a low conversion rate.

“Leave it for professionals,” he warns.

Kala gave me a global vision of our business, through their diagnostics,” Alper says.
“They explained that there were areas of Trion Finance’s digital strategy that needed optimization.”

Fixing Websites that have no Leads |
Kala’s UX Design & Optimization Process

At this point, logic dictates that you use the website’s recommended keywords, and begin doing something called, “keyword stuffing”, but this could be a big mistake.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy where certain keywords are repeated over and over on a website to try and increase its search engine ranking.

This lazy approach is now considered “spam” by all the major search engines; in fact, what ends up happening to these websites is that they get penalized and disappear.

Kala knows that the most important KPI for the website, for the foreseeable future, was the number of quality leads that their website was receiving.

They were barely getting any leads, let alone “quality” ones…

Correct Search
Engine Optimization
(SEO) | Kala

The first thing that the Kala team did was to zero-in on keywords that Trion Finance should have already been ranking for, then they turned those keywords into’ branded keywords.

The Kala team also increased’ chances to receive a “Featured Snippet” on Google; this means that when someone searches for information related to any of Trion Finance’s branded keywords, they would have prime real estate, pun intended.

Finally, because of Kala’s solid “whitehat” keyword and SEO strategy, meaning, the team made sure that the keywords Trion Finance was targeting took qualified leads (people who were ready to learn more) directly to the website; the traffic started coming in!
Once these prospective clients were on the Trion Finance website, they could then get any piece of additional information that they needed, and the prospective client would also be primed to speak to a Trion consultant.

Once these prospective clients were on the Trion Finance website, they could then get any piece of additional information that they needed, and the prospective client would also be primed to speak to a Trion consultant.

For Trion Finance, a quality lead is a person who is currently in the process of buying a house and taking a mortgage; in the Spanish markets, this is also referred to as a “hipoteca”.

SEO Alone Doesn’t Automatically Lead
to Conversions | Kala

At this point in time, it’s a universal truth that SEO cannot be ignored, however, what still ends up being put on the back burner is the end-user experience (UX)… The original Trion Finance website made this same mistake.

Trion Finance and Consulting’s old UX

The original Trion Finances and Consulting website was neither accessible nor user-friendly. The website’s users were expected to already know where they needed to go for additional information, and who to talk to when they were ready to proceed with a consultation. That means,

Unless you had spoken to someone prior to visiting the Trion website, you wouldn’t know how to get help…

How to Improve Your Website’s UX | Kala

In order to improve how your website flows, besides installing contemporary, clean and trendy layouts, the key is to understand “how” someone would interact with your website.
This is essentially what makes your website layout user-friendly and ensures the biggest probability that your leads will want to know more about your services, either by actively “reading more”, or navigating to the “contact” page and reaching out.
The Kala team took this a step further by ideating half a dozen potential “user flows” to determine the most optimized one for

What is a User Flow?

In UX, designers usually create a prototype (or multiple prototypes) of users and try to map out a path that these users would take as they navigate through a website, or app, in order to either complete a task or take a particular action.

User flows are the processes that take this prototypical user from their original entry point through certain steps, in order for the owner of the website to successfully make them take a particular action, i.e. booking a call or purchasing a service.

Trion Finance’s new website layout can be considered user-friendly, specifically because it originated out of the best “user flows”…

The new design does not assume that the user wants to read text or look at images, instead, it directs the user to reach out to a consultant, ASAP!
Thanks to this new intuitive UX design, now has a conversion rate of 2,6%. This conversion rate is improving year-on-year and is quite monumental when you consider the fact that in sales, a conversion rate that is higher than 1.3% is considered a success.

If you’re not quite ready to opt-into Kala’s services, look out for the following metrics, on your own website; improving these will bring a positive return on investment:

Website Design

  • Make sure that you have a proper UX design; where user funnels are correctly created.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Research and make sure that you have a solid Keyword research strategy
  • Ensure that your website design doesn’t take too long to load (load speed)

The Kala Team doesn’t just strive to deliver on its clients’ ROI, but they want to make sure that the client understands exactly why they’re opting into a certain service, and when they should expect to see results.

“The Kala Team did not only work on our design and SEO, but they also coached me and guided me on how things should be in the digital world.”


And this is why all Kala clients have the utmost level of confidence in knowing that making that initial investment into their digital brand will deliver a return on investment. It’s possible to get ROI from digital strategy, but Kala ensures it!

With all this being said, even though he’d like Kala to remain his best-kept secret, Alper has already been recommending Kala’s team to other financial businesses that have been seeing decreased client retention, and low lead generation from their digital presence.

Digital Strategy is an art form, and Kala always delivers!



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