“Hiring an SEO agency — and leaving it to people that know what they’re doing — will increase results!

Gonzalo, CEO


Organic Traffic

+73 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 63 %


+120,2 %

New Markets

France and Germany

Since working with Kala, e-invoicing SaaS firm easyap has seen a significant uplift across all key metrics, with organic traffic in their foreign-language target markets rising by as much as 72.67% and overall conversions showing a 12-month increase of 123.34%.


easyap is a B2B SaaS company that has been in operation since the early 2000s, helping client businesses automate their accounting systems.

They were spending significant time creating content, but without an understanding of the fundamentals of SEO for SaaS businesses, had struggled to translate that investment into traffic and leads.

Since working with Kala, they have seen significant growth in organic traffic, conversions, and clickthrough rate, in each of the territories they work in.

Key results

  • An overall increase in website conversions of 123.34% over the past 12 months.
  • Organic traffic by region has grown by 45.43% (US) 53.65% (France) and 72.67% (Germany) due to effective multilingual SEO.
  • Organic search is now the highest-converting channel, ahead of paid search, referrals, and email.



As an established brand in their sector, the team at easyap found it frustrating that the content they produced was not being seen by their target audience, and therefore wasn’t generating significant benefits — as founder and CEO Gonzalo Delgado explains, “We share information and knowledge through our blog and LinkedIn — but we struggled to find a way to properly reach our clients. We have strong commercial capabilities in the ‘real world’ but not online.”

The challenge

Things came to a head around 2020, as Gonzalo realized that easyap needed to bring in outside expertise to solve the problem. “Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized how important it was to improve our online presence,” he recalls, “We had to demonstrate to our users and potential clients that our technology was up to date.”

easyap approached Kala, specialists in SEO for SaaS companies, to optimize their current site and content — not only to increase visibility and draw more organic traffic from within their current market but to help them to expand their offer into other regions — which required a multilingual approach to SEO.

The solution

Kala carried out a comprehensive program of SEO improvements to the easyap website, incorporating on-page, off-page, and technical SEO — focusing both on their core market, Spain, but also optimizing their content for other high-priority target languages — most notably English, German, and French.

We assigned native-speaker specialists to work on each target language individually, ensuring that cultural differences and linguistic nuances were reflected in the SEO strategy — maximizing effectiveness.

Before and after Kala

Multilingual SEO


easyap was struggling to attract and engage website visitors in their core language, and efforts to improve visibility in other target languages had been similarly unsuccessful.


Since working with Kala, easyap has achieved substantial traffic growth from their overseas target markets with an increase of 45.43% in US traffic, 53.65% for France, and 72.67% for Germany in the last 12 months alone.


Conversion rate


easyap struggled to attract organic leads, and the few leads that did originate via the company’s website were of relatively low quality — with a high bounce rate on the website resulting in few successful conversions.


Following Kala’s implementation of targeted SEO for SaaS techniques, easyap has seen conversion rates grow significantly — and with an increase of 123.34% in the last year, organic search is now their highest converting channel.

Visitor behavior


While visitors would occasionally stumble across the content that easyap had published, the low relevance of much of their inbound traffic meant that not many people stuck around to read it.


Since working with Kala, the high-interest, high-relevance visitors arriving on the site are much more likely to be interested in the content they find, which is reflected in increased session duration, and a far lower bounce rate, down from over 80% to under 15%.

“They know what they’re doing!”

Ultimately, Gonzalo has realized the value — and the clear ROI — of working with a professional B2B agency with domain expertise in SEO for SaaS businesses. As he comments, “The team at Kala is proactive, communicative, transparent, and very professional. Now that I know how important it is I only wish that we had taken action earlier!”



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