Where does Kala originate?

Our name, Kala, is from a Nepali word meaning art, skill, or proficiency — and these are the key attributes that define our work.

The story behind Kala


As a group of digital marketers from diverse backgrounds, we have a passion for combining our shared technical skills with our individual linguistic knowledge. It’s a winning combination that has built our reputation as effective problem solvers — taking on global SEO challenges for some of the world’s highest-growth brands.

Trust is key for B2B relationships — and as digital natives, we understand the importance of presenting an authentic image online. It’s no longer enough to drive traffic to a page — today’s businesses need to ensure the relevance of their offer to the people they’re trying to engage with.

That’s why we focus on every aspect of optimization — from content to on-page, off-page, and technical SEO — whatever language or region our clients are working in.

Our founding aim was to create an agency that delivered win-win results — more engaged leads for our enterprise clients, and a more informative and tailored offer for their prospects and customers.

We’re proud to say we’ve achieved that with each project we’ve undertaken — and we’re looking forward to continuing to deliver on that aim in the future.

We’re only just getting started.

Multilingual SEO matters for global business

If your B2B business sells globally, you need to speak like a local — everywhere you operate. That requires more than a quick translation of keywords or content. Effective multilingual SEO relies on native-speaker specialists who have up-to-date knowledge of the trends, best practices, and technologies that succeed in specific territories. That’s who you’ll be working with at Kala.

Multilingual SEO experts — in a changing world

Global businesses operate in a rapidly changing world — and that applies especially to SEO. At Kala, we thrive on change — always looking forwards to ensuring our B2B services harness the latest techniques.  No quick fixes, no shortcuts — just sustainable value for your growing business.

Improving access to information for all

In our day-to-day business, we help companies like yours get their information in front of prospects — crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries. We believe in the power of information to change the world — and that power stems from equal education for all.

So, since founding Kala, we’ve been working with local educators to fund premium education for underprivileged children living in an orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania — providing opportunities for learning that may not otherwise have been available.

Our hope is that by diverting some of our profits to these young people, we’re helping ensure that they in turn will be able to make their own impact on the world — whatever they decide to do in the future.


“Education and teaching are the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Brands across the globe trust Kala with their SEO strategy.

Kala believes that it’s important for all our clients to be able to track and measure the results that they receive from us because “what gets measured, gets managed”.


Here’s what they think of us, in their own words


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