Google My Business Experts: Everything You Should Know

October 23, 2023

Google My Business is where digital marketing meets local SEO business optimization. Leveraging the power of this tool to enhance online presence, connect with local customers, and ultimately boost a business’s success is very important.

Having a My Business account is a fundamental way to attract new customers for a business, and there are many reasons to do so.

What is Google My Business?

The service, Google My Business, is a free feature provided by the search engine of the same name. It allows businesses to include a detailed site overview to online clients, including location, services and products.

Getting a profile with this feature is highly recommended because, alongside SEO strategies, it’s a great way to raise a site’s visibility. It is unique because these profile searches can appear on other Google resources, such as Google Search, Google Maps and Google Shopping.

Such a feature is available to businesses that have contact with customers. This includes companies with a physical location (like bars, restaurants or stores) and businesses that provide services to clients going to another area (like plumbers).

Why Should Businesses Set Up an Account?

There are many reasons why any business should decide to set up a profile for Google My Business. Among the best reasons, these are some of them:

Easier Discovery

One of the most praised tools from Google My Business experts is its simplicity to help stores be more visible. It allows businesses to be found more quickly when people look for specific products or services related to the store within the area.

The tool shows listings to searchers that are fully optimized to be merged with Google Maps, allowing an easier find to know where and how to go to the location. This improves local SEO for organizations since they’re more likely to appear during searches.

Better Control of Information

The Google My Business profile lets you and your marketing agency specialists control and update information, business hours and other essential details. Also, it permits posting about extended hours, temporally closed hours and more, which is vital for local SEO.

Helps to Build Trust

Reviews are a key part of any business that looks forward to showing itself as trustworthy and responsible to its clients.

The Google My Reviews allows clients to leave detailed reviews and a rating review, where they can share information about their experience with that business. Such comments are relevant for future customers since online customers mostly base their trust on ratings and previous opinions.

How to Properly Optimize a Google My Business Profile

To have a valuable and successful business profile across Google platforms, it’s important to optimize it properly. A set of steps and rules must be followed based on relevance, distance, and prominence. To maximize them, it’s essential to follow these tips:

Complete All Profile Elements

Most customers are likelier to purchase from a reputable business profile with complete information boxes. According to Google, a complete and accurate profile is also way easier to find and match with searches.

Verify the Location

A verified business location makes it more likely for a store to be shown across search results from multiple Google results, like Search and Maps. Also, it can help significantly improve the score related to the distance ranking factor.

Adding Multimedia Files

Including a logo and a cover photo is essential to establish a brand and show a business as a consistent marketing plan. These multimedia files must be aligned through all social media profiles to make it easier for clients to recognize the brand quickly.

The more descriptive images and videos added to showcase the site, the better to attract more clients. This way, brands can show their team, environment, commitment to work and many other things that words can’t demonstrate.

For example, restaurants might want to post pictures of their meals, menus and dining rooms. All of these pictures must look as professional as possible and be taken with high resolution.

Include Keywords

Hiring a marketing agency and SEO specialist can help to build a proper brand description for Google My Business. Relevant keywords to the brand can be used there, helping to improve relevance even further.

Before using these keywords, Experts must naturally incorporate them into the business description since this can hurt rankings.

Encouraging to Leave Reviews

After providing a great experience, Google makes it easier to provide direct links to ask customers for reviews. This is vital because people trust other customers with their studies, which is a factor in improving Google rankings.

Replying to reviews is also a must. This must be done no matter how positive or negative they are since businesses that answer to clients online are considered more trustworthy than those that are not.

Keep Information Up to Date

Editing a business profile to keep all information up to date must be done always. Operation hours and contact information that need to be corrected can annoy customers. Google My Business also allows you to post and share updates, product news, offers and events.

Make Use of Special Features

Google My Business allows businesses to add special features and attributes depending on the brand’s chosen category.

For example, hotels can display class ratings, check-in and out times and amenities. Restaurants or bars can upload their menus, dish photos and more. Healthcare providers can demonstrate their insurance information, and other businesses can show their appointments, reservations and orders.

Other factual attributes like accessibility for disabled people, Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, LGTBQ+ friendly and more can also be added.

Add Products

For those brands that sell products, it’s possible to add their up-to-date inventory. Google My Business experts heavily support this option because it can provide more visibility to products, making them appear on Google Shopping.

Also, retail businesses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia can easily use barcode scanners to sell products.

What to Do With Negative Reviews to Improve Reputation

Reviews are very important, especially for stores and similar businesses since they’re heavily based on opinions. However, not all of these reviews can be trusted, which makes it frequent for companies to think if it’s possible to revert them.

Specialists must keep track of Google Reviews and work towards removing those negative comments that are harmful to the business and not related or simply spam.

Reputation is a crucial asset that takes years to build but can be destroyed in seconds due to many causes. Negative publicity and online backlash can quickly spread, damaging the whole company. Luckily, there are steps that an organization can use to start working on improving its reputation, such as:

Answering to Negative Reviews

Online reviews are the customers’ word-of-mouth, influencing potential customers before visiting a website. Negative ratings have the power to turn customers away and ruin a reputation.

Addressing the issues customers have to help them is very important to provide good customer support. This can help to turn negative reviews into positive ones in some cases. However, not all can be converted, meaning specialists must employ other strategies.

Focus on Customer Service

Poor customer service massively impacts a reputation brand, leading to negative reviews. This also shows poor credibility and makes a brand seem unprofessional. Dealing with customer complaints responsibly and finding ways to improve improves customer service.

Can SEO Optimize Google My Business?

Besides keyword optimization for business descriptions, SEO can greatly improve a Google My Business profile. Enhancing as many details as possible is vital to make a brand rank better in Maps and Searches from Google.

Following SEO strategies for GMB listings can boost local rankings, leading to increased visibility and engagement, a core part of local SEO.

All components to improve a business profile must be followed carefully to make the most out of a local SEO strategy. Even if factors like proximity and location are out of the SEO specialist’s control, there’s much to do to increase relevance and prominence.


Google My Business experts remind us how essential it is for businesses seeking to maximize their online visibility and reputation to use this tool.

Whether your organization is a small local shop or a large enterprise, recognizing the value of Google My Business and its insights is a key step towards achieving online success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

A proper optimization of the profile, along with the use of SEO strategies, can potentially boost revenue and clients. Agencies with experts like our team from Kala can carry out these developments, ensuring more clicks, higher rankings and more reach.

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