How Can ChatGPT Be Used to Improve SEO and Marketing?

January 22, 2023

OpenAI recently introduced a new artificial intelligence called ChatGPT that answers questions. This software responds to complex queries conversationally, meaning that its wide range of themes can be useful for almost anyone. Many businesses are excited about this tool, which, when combined with SEO tools, can help brands.

This revolutionary technology has been brought into the spotlight because it’s trained to understand what users mean when searching for something. This has led companies and experts to push it to its full potential, discovering that it can serve many other purposes.

What’s ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model known as a chatbot, based on OpenAI. Its remarkable ability to interact in conversational dialogue mean it can form and provide responses that seem like human replies. These large language models perform tasks, pretending the next word in a series of words.

Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (also known as RLHF) is another important layer that this software uses to learn to reply like a human.

How Do ChatGPT Languages Work?

The basic software of ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM). These models are trained with massive amounts of data which make them very accurate when it comes to predicting what word should come next in a certain sentence.

The more data is loaded into these languages, the more this software is able to reply to sentences, making it even more useful.

Another known characteristic of large language models is that when they predict the next word in a sentence, they kind of autocomplete it on a mind-bending scale. Entire pages of content can be with it.

Features and Limitations of ChatGPT

While the core feature and main interest of ChatGPT is mimicking human conversation, experts have noted that this can be used to achieve many other benefits. Its versatility and improvisation skills, ability to write and debug, compose music, answer essays, test answers, and much more make it incredibly powerful.

Compared to its predecessor, InstructGPT, ChatGPT also works to reduce harmful and deceitful answers. For example, there was a popular question where people asked InstructGPT to talk about Columbus’s arrival in America in 2015, which meant it acknowledged it as a hypothetical arrival that year.

Such issues have been resolved, and ChatGPT corrects the users in order to bring an accurate response. Some suggest that such a polished mechanism could also help as a personalized therapist. While it accepts almost everything , most racist and sexist queries are dismissed by the program.

Although it has many benefits, there are some clear limitations that aren’t addressed. ChatGPT is known for sometimes writing plausible-sounding sentences which feature nonsensical or incorrect answers. This problem is called “Hallucination” and is very common in large language models.

How Can ChatGPT Be Used For SEO?

There are many ways people can use ChatGPT for methods like SEO, streamlining work, and making redundant and repetitive tasks much more simple and effective.

Better Content Creation

Creating content like articles can be a hassle, depending on the topic and the skills of the writer. While it is not recommended for writing web pages and blog posts, ChatGPT can lighten the workload when it comes to writing certain things.

Google algorithms can identify and penalize content generated by artificial intelligence, even when anti-detection algorithms are used. That’s why it’s recommended to always have a human look over the text if these types of tools are used, in order to avoid any issue.

Still, ChatGPT can be safely used for creating content for social media posts, emails, landing page copy, and even ads without any issues with Google .

Quicker Analysis and Keyword Research

For those who do not want to risk using ChatGPT as a content writer themselves, it has many other uses related to search engine optimization which can also be useful. This software makes keyword research almost effortless, saving a lot of time.

All you need to do is open the chatbot and type a few of the desired or targeted keywords and ask for similar ones. The chatbot cranks out a huge list of related keywords based on that.

This method can also be used to determine the competitiveness of certain keywords and which should rank higher.

Helps with the Development of Content Strategy

Chatbots can also be asked for AI SaaS content strategies, giving a head start to many companies that do not know how to do it properly.

While it doesn’t provide any granular plans (even if people can ask for them), it can give brands high-level tactics for content related to a very specific field.

Employing a chatbot for content strategy also brings certain concerns, such as the competition also using it for the same thing. This means that everyone would be creating identical articles related to a single topic. This could be avoided by hiring specialists in the area, such as the ones we have at Kala. They will know how to choose the best strategy for your site. 

Provides a Better Understanding of Search Intent

One of the most interesting potential tools ChatGPT offers in terms of SEO is its ability to drill down into search queries, looking beyond the words to determine the intent of a search.

Google also tries to do this work and it has improved greatly over the years, providing search engines with a greater lifespan. The difference is that Google tries to take these queries and answer them, while the chatbot takes them and makes improvements.

Such improvements can allow users to get even information that they were not even searching for when asking the chatbot a question.

Generates Good SEO Titles

When doing SEO tasks, writers will often say that coming up with an attractive and useful title can be the hardest part of the job. Most of the time, they end up with dry and unattractive sentences that do not add much to the article.

Asking the chatbot to provide a list of possible titles for an article is a good way to get a header that is more interesting than a “how to” line.

Composes and Manages Analytics Reports

ChatGPT can be a real game changer when it comes to managing many reports and spreadsheets. Its functionality helps identify new ranking opportunities that a human might have overlooked or missed, making it extremely useful.

For example, it helps those who do not have a strong programming background by filtering report-specific words and identifying opportunities to expand FAQs and how-tos. Anyone with basic knowledge can see how these expressions work to use the chatbot for generating a list automatically.

It can also help people who routinely struggle when dealing with Excel or Google Sheets, eliminating most of the headaches they provoke through parsing data and writing formulas.

Ways ChatGPT Can Be Merged with LinkedIn Engagement

ChatGPT can not only be used for SEO methods, but also for reinforcing other websites, such as LinkedIn. This can be an extremely useful idea if combined with the services of lead generation from Kala.

It’s possible to create compelling content for LinkedIn that is worth reading, which can improve profile views and engagement. To do so, it’s vital to choose niche ideas that aren’t broad and focus in on them. Looking at older successful posts can also give you a good head start.

Not just focusing on LinkedIn meta ideas is also important, enabling you to attract the most attention possible to this site. Once the idea is done, ChatGPT can help to create a good hook for its title, giving very interesting results.

After that, outlining a post using PAS (the Problem, Agitation, Solution copy framework) makes it possible to ask the chatbot to give each section individual headings. This will enhance articles even more, making them more readable and attractive to anyone who clicks on them.


ChatGPT is a very powerful chatbot that has many features that make it really interesting, which, along with other technologies such as voice search, have been growing exponentially.

A combination of human supervision, SEO techniques, and ChatGPT knowledge can be the definitive way to write, enhance and publish articles, websites, and more.

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