How Does AI Writing Work? New Developments in the Area

August 23, 2023

In current times, technology has deeply evolved into many new areas, up to the point where it can write very convincing and coherent texts similar to human ones. Considering how AI writing works for companies and how it has acquired a lot of relevance is a must for current business trends.

It’s essential to understand how it works, its weaknesses and strengths, and how it is such a valuable tool for conducting content marketing.

How Do AI Content Writing Tools Work?

AI content writing tools, also known as writing assistants, are artificial intelligence given varying forms of data from all over the web. These machines learn from those sources and data to improve and produce a natural-sounding output: the answers given as a text.

These tools scan every content available on the web to make an answer, just like humans do, and gather that data based on the instructions given by the users. After that, this data is processed and brought as fresh content.

The Pros and Cons of Using AI Writing Assistants

Using a writing assistant to quickly create articles or other big piles of text has its advantages but also opens up a wide range of cons that need to be addressed. These are the benefits and disadvantages of using an AI to write:

Provides Efficiency

One of the essential reasons content creators use artificial intelligence to write their articles and other texts is its efficiency. A chatbot can write and generate much content faster than any human can, and that’s a massive benefit for many companies.

Doing the whole research, finding the correct words to write and pouring all that knowledge into a sheet takes much more time by hand. Meanwhile, an AI can do it in less than a minute.

Very Cost-effective

Companies that hire quality content writers typically need to spend a hundred dollars per project. This depends on the length of the article, the number of pieces and the needed technical knowledge. Still, this is considered well-spent money for high-quality articles and well-researched content.

On the other hand, some AI writing tools are free, while others charge a monthly subscription rate. The pricing typically runs about $100 for tens of thousands of words and can be used for more than one text. In case of the need for more straightforward content than articles needing expertise and authority, AI is recommended.

Helps to Improve SEO

Marketers using AI content generation also benefit from features besides a fast generation of texts. It’s possible to ask for keywords that help improve SEO and the AI itself suggesting the content writer.

These suggestions ensure that the content created will undoubtedly appear higher in the search engine rankings if it follows the guidelines.

Overcomes Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common issue for many article writers. At some point, a writer may have trouble creating authoritative content for a subject they don’t know much about.

To help overcome this limitation, AI tools can create detailed outlines and critical points to help the writer determine what should be included in the article. AI tools can help the person overcome writer’s block and spark ideas to get started.

Can Be Detected as Plagiarism

Besides AI content’s benefits, one of its most known downsides is that it can often be seen as plagiarism. These tools rely on already-created data to generate their content. Meanwhile, the intended tone may get lost in the words.

It’s very probable that search engines like Google flag these AI articles since they’re very similar to other published materials from the web, being pieced together and reworded. This goes against Google guidelines because content has to be authoritative, and chatbots can’t achieve that without a human view.

Algorithms Devalue the Content

Last year, Google released the Helpful Content Update, which provides importance to helpful content that people write. This way, Google actively searches for content that is purely made by humans, giving a cohesive practice for SEO.

The other important part of this update is that Google looks forward to punishing content that AI has created since these tools evaluate SEO results without genuinely understanding the text.

In addition, Google has shifted its focus to quality written articles and texts. Every day, providing precious content to users becomes more critical, just as it was established within the last announced upcoming update of Google’s algorithm, the Search’s Core Update.

Offers No Creativity

It’s evident that human writing offers some creativity and makes articles more engaging, where people tend to share articles they feel connected with. AI writing cannot provide this since it does not have the emotional intelligence to develop a story, hence lacking common sense.

Since AI cannot come up with fresh ideas for content, it makes it very hard for creators who use it to develop articles that talk about the latest trends and ideas.

Human Editing is Required

Even if it can generate texts in no time without the need for a content creator to do it, human eye-proofreading this content is mandatory before publishing it. While time is saved, people are still involved in the process, meaning it is not entirely independent.

A person is also required to fix product descriptions, especially since chatbots do not understand adjective meanings.

Latest Tools Launched in the Market

In recent years, many tools have been launched into the market to supply the non-stop growing demand for AI writing, which exponentially made a boom with Chat GPT. These are some of the latest and most used tools by users:

  • GetGenie: This all-in-one tool is one of the market’s most renowned AI content-writing tools. It has many content features powered by WordPress and its related services. There are more than 30 templates to choose from, which allow creators to make different types of content for their projects.
  • Writesonic: Known for its easy-to-use interface and very intuitive site, Writesonic has consolidated as one of the go-to options for acquiring an AI writing tool. Built on GPT-3, it offers various ways to generate blog posts, articles, and landing pages.
  • Byword: Considered one of the most advanced tools, Byword can produce content at scale, with a lot of experience scaling websites with AI-powered SEO.
  • Jasper: offers a spotless and intuitive interface with many valuable features, such as more than 50 copywriting templates, almost 30 supported languages, and an SEO mode. While it is one of the most pricey, its features make it valuable.
  • Text Cortex: a potent text assistant that offers many helpful features, including blog and content creation and grammar or spelling analytics. It has a free version that content creators can try out before acquiring the paid version.
  • Writer: This generative AI platform was specially built for businesses and teams, giving tools related to custom-train language based on your provided data and guidelines. Such features make it a very different tool from others, adaptable and tailored to a company.
  • Rytr: Known as one of the most budget-friendly tools, Rytr offers simplicity and speed. Marketers can get their content pumped in minutes with a few instructions.

These tools are some of the most used by marketing agencies. These specialists use them to instruct the chatbots correctly to generate engaging articles and worthy content that helps their clients rank highly with their SEO strategies.

When Should AI Writing Be Implemented?

Companies looking to increase their numbers should know the pros and cons of AI writing and when it is needed. Hiring a marketing agency that can master these methods to make the most out of it and its SEO benefits is vital.

Most agency experts can create marketing campaigns at an accelerated rate, collecting a lot of user-generated content, undertaking repetitive tasks and maximizing production. These are some of the best methods that AI writing can be used to maximize its efficiency:

Creating Compelling Ads

One of the toughest challenges for a marketing agency is to develop a compelling ad for its client that can drive many sales and conversions. AI content generators can be instructed to do this effortlessly, trained on millions of examples from all over the web.

Generating Meta Descriptions and Tags

AI content writing is a reliable tool for marketing agencies. It can help them by providing tips or keywords to rank content higher in the search results, acting like an SEO assistant. It can even write compelling headings, meta descriptions, tags, and other valuable elements for article creation.


For those asking how AI writing works due to its sudden rise in popularity, it’s essential to prepare them about what chatbots like ChatGPT mean to the new era of SEO, writing and marketing.

These new trends propose many innovative methods for agencies to generate client content in almost no time and require little effort. Maintaining a balance between chatbots and human writing is essential, especially to avoid errors and plagiarism.

Consider hiring our experts from Kala if you wish to get a complete SEO strategy where everything is included, from proper AI writing work to multilingual SEO, boosting the visibility and reputation of your company both in the short and long term.

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