How to Find the Best B2B SEO Agency for You

March 3, 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential acquisitions any company can make to have organic visibility to speed up its growth. Businesses that want to achieve these changes and improve their engagement must acknowledge specific tips to find the best B2B SEO agency to hire.

SEO helps increase organic traffic and rankings for B2B companies. And although SEO applies the same techniques in different niches, an agency specialized in your business will always be the best choice. 

Elements of B2B SEO

Each one of the elements plays a fundamental role in the business strategy. These are the three pillars of optimization:

  • Technical SEO: it’s the backbone of any website. Technical optimization covers specific areas such as XML, load speed, and a responsive and intuitive design.
  • On-page SEO: the practice of optimizing a website itself. It includes not only the content but also HTML and source code. Users can find content quicker and more clearly, helping engines to see what a human would see if they visited a website.
  • Off-page SEO: referred to as backlinks, off-page SEO requires having high-quality sites linked to your site on specific topics to increase authority and engagement.

Both offsite and onsite content is part of using research methods related to users’ needs to create more focused content, including finding, content creation, and promotion. Some agencies also provide features such as multilingual SEO, which help expanding to more audiences.

Combining these pillars will help to create a good SEO strategy at a high level, ensuring that many companies will find your site.

How to Choose the Right B2B SEO Agency?

There are many ways to find the right agency to help a company boost its sales and visibility. Everyone should provide you with the correct answers to these requisites:

Knowing the Team You’re Working With

After you acquire the service of an agency, it’s crucial to know who you are working with. A good SEO agency is always proud of its team and tends to be displayed on its site.

Connect with them occasionally. Having a meeting once a month is a perfect choice, especially with the ones involved in your project. Calls by phone and video calls are all great options. SEO is an arduous process and needs to be handled by people who know what they’re doing.

Kala Agency, for example, has a section for clients to schedule a date call with the team to discuss any topic or doubts related to the job.

Prepare for Work Correctly

Once the deliverables are done and both parties start to work together on a project, you should ask any questions you have to clear every doubt. Take the time to understand what you’re expecting, any special requests you have, and more.

How to Know What Agencies You Should Avoid

When searching for a good B2B SEO agency, you might encounter many that provide low-quality service or are nothing but a scam. Understanding how to spot these and what can be done to avoid them is fundamental.

No Clear SEO Strategies

Any trustworthy SEO agency would be able to provide a clear and detailed roadmap of where will the client’s money go during the process. Every strategy needs short (6-12 months) and long-term improvement. Any agency promising faster results is very likely not to be trustworthy.

In addition, every strategy should include keyword research, planning and strategizing content creation and optimization, and link building. If the service only provides one, look for another to offer the whole experience.


Some “agencies” tend to send emails out of nowhere, coming from a total stranger. These messages are almost always spam. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t because the user who received it sent data about the company to them before, risking its security.

It’s vital to know that SEO agencies never prepare an audit and send it through email without reason. The client has to request it, which can take 8 to 160 hours to produce.

Free audits are primarily likely to be software with a chunk of optimizations that are claimed to improve a site, but it’s all fake. A real one can cost from $600 to $1000, depending on the website size and platform.

No Online Presence

While it can sound obvious, it’s necessary to remark that it is fake or a scam if an SEO agency doesn’t have an active online presence. Blog websites where they write content and essential information are familiar places where agencies establish their name.

Even if the agency has a social presence, check and inspect their trust signals. Read comments and testimonials related to their services, reviews, content, and how many real followers they have.

Low-Quality Content

Another detail that not everyone is attentive to is the quality of the agency’s posts, website, and emails, but it’s easy to notice. Doubt from an agency if you see frequent spelling and grammatical errors or if they write in broken English.

Top B2B SEO services know that they have to provide the best to get more clients, so they practice their grammar and spelling for talking with prospects.

Most agencies also have an institutional email where they sent you content through an official account with their name as a site domain, instead of a personal public email.

Steps to Develop a B2B SEO Strategy

There are steps to progress and develop a good SEO strategy for your business. To succeed against the competition, you should check all of these tips:

Create Buyer Personas

Detailed buyer personas in B2B SEO are fundamental since it is one of the fundamentals of any good strategy. These are abstract depictions of an ideal customer based on market and competitor research data.

Each business has its buyer personas, helping them focus on specific phases rather than taking an approach that doesn’t typically work for B2B.

Understanding of Sales Funnel

Before searching for keywords that the buyer personas use, businesses need to understand and know how to analyze the sales funnel. To do so, spending time with the sales team is necessary. Digging into analytics and own sales data can also help.

Keyword Research Conduction

Detailed keyword research is the backbone of any B2B strategy, which helps marketers to find opportunities to target their personas. Meanwhile, B2C focuses on commercial terms, and B2B must also address informational queries.

To find these keywords, a company needs to address some questions, such as how their features can overcome the clients’ issues.

Promote Through Backlinks

Another step of succeeding through SEO marketing is to build backlinks into a website. They are a vital part of a good strategy, and it’s one of the top 3 factors for appearing on the first pages of Google.

To achieve this, get your content linked to resource pages and referenced or recommended by others. Encourage people to post it around the web to gain notoriety and a voice of authority over specific topics you discuss.

Build a Scalable Content Strategy

A scalable strategy involves a blog and content hub to build out topic clusters with rank-ready content that can answer the users’ questions and get on their radar.

It involves many types of searches, such as websites, research studies, video content, papers, books, webinars, podcasts, and more scalable content that can push organic searches.

Is B2B SEO Important in 2023?

B2B SEO is still of vital importance for any business that is looking to increase its audience and visibility, as well as reach more qualified leads that drive better sales.

Hiring professionals like Kala Agency can help your company find the correct customers through their B2B SEO Agency services. You’ll get your company’s image presented to the world to build relationships, drive more traffic, and optimize all the content.


For those looking at how to find the best B2B SEO agency, it’s vital to understand some key points that refer to what makes a trustworthy service suitable: an excellent online presence, professionalism, and good teamwork.

Also, acknowledging what should be avoided is very important not only to avoid scams but also to secure the company’s integrity and avoid losing money. Agencies like Kala can ensure good service, earning lots of clicks, engagement, and leads.

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