How to Improve SEO for SAAS Companies

March 23, 2023

SaaS (software as a service) is a model that has been booming for companies, providing many profitable outcomes. These applications help companies grow subscriber bases quickly to help within a competitive market where profit is vital.

Understanding How SaaS SEO Works

SaaS SEO is a process that increases the organic traffic to your website by implementing different strategies. It aids your site’s rank, placing it on the top of the Google SERPs. There are various elements to SaaS SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Combining these three methods and techniques helps your site gain top rankings on Google for relevant searches, acting as a great source of inbound marketing.

Why is it So Necessary?

Search engine optimization for SaaS is essential. It can differentiate your business and competitors trying to reach the top using outbound and paid marketing strategies. These are some of the reasons why SaaS businesses must invest in a solid SEO strategy early on:

Provides Compounding Returns

One of the main reasons to invest in a solid strategy is because SaaS SEO has to compound returns over time. A familiar feeling for companies implementing these methods is disappointment due to thinking there is a lack of progress, but the truth is that it needs some time to grow.

Once you start seeing results and numbers rising, every outcome will grow exponentially with any content you upload, leading to a substantial organic search increasement.

The most used and easy-to-predict strategy to exponentially grow this way is creating valuable content that targets a group related to the topic. Then, promoting the content through links, utilizing the data collected and repeating are all steps needed to increase organically.

Works with Other Marketing Channels

One of the perks of search engine optimization is that it’s not a standalone entity. With marketing being the key to attracting customers, SEO plays a significant role in these channels of any SaaS business, being repurposed to other channels such as email, social media and more.

Also, it can create brand awareness and authority, which helps businesses drive users and traffic from other channels.

Reduces CPA (Cos-per-adquisition)

Those who have implemented paid social media advertisements or PPC methods (pay-per-click) may know how expensive it can get to succeed. However, compared to SEO, the amount that needs to be invested is meager and more profitable, leading to a lower CPA.

Cost-per-acquisition is typically high, to begin with, but as compounds grow, they can be quickly reduced. Another vital thing to remark that favours SEO is that its cost does not increase with ongoing investment; meanwhile, paid media does with every click earned.

Steps to Create a SaaS SEO Strategy

Following specific steps and stages is necessary to develop a good SEO for a SaaS company’s strategy. Doing it carefully and with the required resources will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Set Goals and KPIs

The essential part of any search engine optimization strategy is setting its goals and KPIs, whether SaaS or not. If the company has unclear objectives or doesn’t know what they want to achieve, experts are working blind and will not have a clear path or trajectory.

A goal gives everyone on the team something to aim for, an involvement necessary to push forward in a specific direction. Also, it allows us to figure out what needs to be done or fixed in case some issues are presented.

SEO KPIs (key performance indicators) are also important because they provide a regular snapshot of how the project is progressing. Other metrics will be needed to be addressed, such as MQLs, SQLs, ARPU, CAC and MRR. Getting used to all of them and understanding their roles is vital.

Define a Customer Persona

To manage a successful SaaS business campaign, it’s essential to understand the audience and think like them. Knowing how to solve their problems and present a platform with the solutions can provide a considerable advantage.

The more you understand an audience, the more you can stay relevant and increase your organic searches. Developing content that answers what users need is what people seek. Define a customer persona that builds up a picture of your aim when marketing a product.

Most companies start from scratch, but others use insights and analysis of existing customers to develop their personas.

Analyze Competitors

Success is critical; to achieve it, a company needs to know everything about its competitors: their SEO strategies and how they drive the bulk of organic traffic. But, of course, not only direct competitors matter, but also indirect ones.

As for direct competitors, the qualified ones provide the same service or elaborate the same product as your company. Therefore, while their platform or features may differ slightly, it serves the same purpose of solving the exact problems.

Indirect competitors, on the other hand, have the same customer target as your company, but the product they offer is entirely different from the one you produce or offer.

Identify Challenges and Issues

To rank a site effectively, it is necessary to be in a position where large audiences can be reached. Once this is done, new keyword opportunities will be able to be identified. Start by listing all problems the company can help solve and the topics users are searching for.

Consider the questions asked, common issues users have, and the topics audiences share. With the right resources and team like Kala Agency, you can find new suggestions for other related queries.

Always consider more comprehensive topics too, but keep in mind the main focus of each persona. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to know what your audience is looking for.

Define Keywords for Optimization

As getting more and more further into the sales funnel, it is vital to make sure the company is targeting the right keywords for commercial websites. These sites are product and feature pages that give users insights about what the product or service can offer.

Small business CRM, free CRM, real estate CRM, customer service software and open source CRM are some keywords you need to consider. Once ranked for these types, you can drive traffic closer to converting to what personas are targeting.

Create Better Content

Most of the success with SEO for SaaS doesn’t come from the method but from how you employ it. Creating an excellent strategy and plans is only possible if it’s implemented to start gaining organic searches.

To outrank your competitors, you’ll need to create better content than them. This applies to products and services, articles, and blog content. Every page of your site needs to be better than the others.

To achieve so, focus on creating longer content, articles that go into more depth (not only just more prominent but specific), using images and videos that are engaging and readable for everyone.

Understand the search intent of the words you’re working on and analyze the competitor’s pages to make the most of it. Kala Agency experts can help you to notice what could be done better on every piece of content for your site.

Don’t Overlook SEO Resources

Sometimes, companies tend to ignore or overlook the aspects of content and technical SEO once they succeed with SaaS strategies. This is a huge issue because it won’t reach its full potential if the site starts suffering from technical problems or isn’t correctly optimized.

Promote Content

Even with optimized content, it is of vital importance to build backlinks to rank within competitive keywords. Not doing so will only lead to content struggle. On the other hand, creating a solid backlink strategy will help your site stay relevant and gain authority and a voice within the topic.

Remember that ranking higher on Google isn’t the only benefit backlinks offer. They can also put your site in front of target customers, drive referral traffic, and help you position yourself as an expert.

Among the common tactics used for it, digital public relations, resource link building, unlinked brand mentions and guest posting are some of the most used.


There are many steps and tips that businesses need to acknowledge to employ SEO for SaaS companies. These methods are necessary to increase organic searches, develop target strategies for audiences and many other benefits.

To achieve this success, agencies like Kala can help clients build sustainable high-ranking keywords through on-page, off-page and technical-SEO techniques. This automatization of content and its optimization helps to build ranking and gain tracks over time, increasing revenue.

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