On-Page SEO vs Technical SEO: When to Invest in Each? 

May 25, 2023

On-page SEO vs technical SEO are two important aspects of search engine optimization, but they focus on different areas, making them have other objectives. To understand what should be a priority for a company, it is vital to understand both concepts first.

Technical SEO is an essential pillar of On Page SEO. Technical SEO focuses on aspects related to the structure and performance of a website, with the primary goal of ensuring that it is understandable for search engines. On page SEO is the set of all the techniques used within the site to optimise it. In turn, it also refers to the specific aspect of optimising texts and structures within the website. 

Although different, both are equally needed and complementary to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search results. An effective strategy should address content optimisation and technical elements for better search engine results.

The Importance of On-Page SEO

Also known as on-site SEO, it is the process companies use to optimize parts of their website to rank higher on the search engines and attract more clicks to their page. It includes many things, such as title tags, articles, internal links, etc.

What makes this process so important is that it makes it easier for search engines to find your content. Without it, the sites could miss serious opportunities of getting a new audience, clicks and revenue and get pushed down by competitors.

What is the Role of Technical SEO?

As the name says, technical SEO will take care of those technical flaws that can affect the visibility in search engines. Some of its essential aspects are:

Load speed optimization

One of technical SEO’s main priorities is ensuring that the website loads quickly to improve the user experience and meet search engine requirements. This involves identifying and fixing issues that can affect performance, such as file size, image compression, efficient use of resources, code minimization and implementation of caching techniques.

Robots.txt configuration

Technical SEO uses files called robots.txt to monitor which parts of the website should be crawled and indexed by search engines.

XML Sitemap

Professionals create and submit an XML sitemap file that provides information about the site structure and which pages should be indexed.

Technical troubleshooting

Through this process, it’s possible to identify and fix technical issues that affect the website’s performance: this applies to broken links, incorrect redirects, and indexing problems, among others.

Optimization for mobile devices

Ensures the website is well optimized and compatible with mobile devices since this is vital for user experience and search engines. Doing so also attracts more audiences and retains those accessing portable versions.

Technical SEO is critical to ensure that search engines can correctly access, crawl and index the website content. A solid technical structure and good site performance can improve visibility and search engine rankings. While there are many other important aspects, if we had to name the top 5, they would be these. 

Why You Should Use On-Page and Technical SEO at the Same Time

Combining on-page and technical SEO makes it possible to achieve a comprehensive strategy that improves the visibility and ranking of a website in search engines.

On-page SEO ensures the content and structure are optimized for relevant search queries. Technical SEO ensures that once the content is presented, Google can find it more quickly and efficiently. Together, these approaches help maximize the chances of gaining organic traffic and improving the user experience on the website.

Employing both methods is extremely important for success. For example, having the best-optimized content doesn’t ensure it will work if the technical SEO isn’t working correctly: if the site doesn’t load, everything inside is wasted time.

A balanced maintenance of both aspects must be ensured. Neither should take priority over the other, and each is vital to the well-being of your site and organic rankings. 

How to Choose an SEO Agency to Solve Both Problems?

It is essential to consider several key factors to choose an SEO agency that can solve both on-page optimization and technical SEO problems. These are some tips you can read to make an informed decision:

Define Needs

Before hiring an agency, identify the specific problems you want to solve on your website. It could be optimizing content, improving site structure, correcting loading speed issues, etc. A clear understanding of your needs will help you find an agency with expertise. If you don’t know which aspects to prioritize, don’t hesitate to ask. An expert agency in the area will know how to guide you in deciding. Hiring someone to take care of both aspects will always be good. 

Contacting experts at Kala through a form or scheduling a call can be a great way to discuss your needs and what can be done to help you improve your website. A good strategy proposal needs to be tailored based on your preferences to provide you with benefits.

Research and Gather Information

Picking an agency must be done carefully. Search SEO agencies and gather information about their experience, success stories, services offered, and approach to on-page optimization and technical SEO.

Examine their website, read client testimonials, and search for online reviews to assess their reputation and credibility. Never trust those who promise you fast results in brief periods because that’s impossible.

Check Experience and Case Studies

Ensure the agency has an experienced team trained in on-page optimization and technical SEO. Check their professional profiles, certifications, case studies, and other evidence demonstrating their expertise.

Ask the agency to provide references from past or current clients. Contact them to get feedback on the quality of the work done and how the agency addressed on-page optimization and technical SEO issues. Also, ask for case studies showing how they have solved similar problems.

Evaluate the Approaches

Understand how the agency approaches these aspects of SEO. Ask about strategies for content optimization, site structure improvement, technical issue resolution, page indexing, meta tag optimization, load speed improvement, etc. Make sure their approach is aligned with your goals and needs.

Request a Proposal

Ask the agency to present you with a detailed proposal outlining how they will address your on-page optimization and technical SEO issues. This should include the specific services they will offer, the estimated time to get results, and the associated cost.

Communication and Transparency

The SEO agency must have clear and transparent communication with you. They should keep in touch when needed, provide you with progress reports and be available to answer your questions. Transparency in their actions and strategies is critical to establishing a relationship of trust.

When Should You Invest in an SEO Agency?

Investing in an SEO agency can be beneficial in a variety of situations. Here are some circumstances when it may be appropriate to consider supporting an SEO agency:

Creating a new website

If you’re launching a new website, it’s essential to establish a solid foundation of search engine optimization from the beginning. An SEO agency can help you develop an effective optimization strategy and implement best practices.

Existing website underperforming

Companies with a website that is not generating the desired traffic, conversions, or search engine rankings can be helped by an SEO agency. They can analyze your site, identify problem areas and develop a plan to improve performance.

Search algorithm changes

Algorithms such as Google ones are constantly evolving. If significant algorithm changes have negatively affected your website, an SEO agency can help you adapt to these changes and regain your ranking.

Online competition

Companies with a highly competitive industry need a more assertive strategic approach to improve their rankings and stand out. An agency like Kala can help you develop a customized strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

Lack of in-house expertise

Hiring an SEO agency with the knowledge and experience to help you improve your search engine optimization efforts may be beneficial.

Investing in an SEO agency involves additional costs, so evaluate your needs, resources, and business goals before deciding.


Understanding on-page SEO vs technical SEO is paramount for businesses that want to see their companies blossom. Knowing these two concepts allows companies to make informed decisions about what agency is best for their needs and preferences.

Kala agency is more than capable one to provide these services to your company. The team of professionals has expertise in many areas of engine optimization, enterprise, and multilingual SEO. Contact us and enjoy the pleasure of leaving your website in the hands of experts!

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