An overview of the most powerful WordPress Themes

April 16, 2021

WordPress is a magnet for anyone who wants absolute control over their website and seeks independence in running them.

Since its inception,this blogging software has been the most popular in the market. The platform powers almost 1/3 of the world’s websites, ranging from personal blogs to intricate websites of major corporations. Not only can users download and install it for free, but they can also avail themselves of unique features, which makes WordPress the most popular content management platform.

Another feature that appeals to the masses is their themes. You could opt for a pre-made theme template or pay for a customized one. In this article, we will take a look at the various aspects of WordPress themes.

How Do You Set Up a Child Theme?

To understand how a child theme functions, it’s first important to understand the association between a parent and child theme in WordPress.

A theme can only become a parent theme if you build a child theme for it. Otherwise, it remains a mere theme, such as those available in the WordPress directory. Every theme that incorporates all the necessary files for it to be regarded as complete can be a parent theme. It’s worth noting that a child theme is entirely dependent on the parent to function.

A child theme permits you to alter minor facets of your website’s appearance while still maintaining your theme’s functionality and appearance. Although this theme inherits the feel and appearance of all its roles, any component of the theme can be modified.

Setting Up a Child Theme

Here’s how to set up this theme.

Develop a theme folder

You’ll need to develop a new folder in the themes directory, situated at “wp-content/themes.” You need to name the directory and ensure the child and parent theme have the same name, except you’ll add “-child” at the end.

Develop a stylesheet

You’ll have to develop a stylesheet file with the name “style.css.” It will comprise all the CSS rules that control your theme’s look. You’ll need the theme name that should be distinct to your theme as well as a template, which is the name of the parent theme directory.

Enqueue stylesheet

The last phase involves enqueuing the child and parent theme stylesheets if necessary. Ideally, the parent theme should load both child’s and parent’s stylesheet. However, not all do so. Therefore, you’ll have to examine the parent theme’s code to establish what it does and obtain the handle name that the parent theme adopts.

Child theme installation

The child theme installation will take place the same way you install other themes. You can use FTP to copy the folder to your site or simply develop a zip file of the child theme’s folder.


At this stage, you can activate the theme by simply logging in to your site’s screen.

Resetting a Theme in WordPress

By default, WordPress Reset doesn’t delete plugin files and themes. It just deactivates. Nonetheless, it can work to delete them as well. You’ll need to head to Tools>WP Reset and click “Tools.” Once there, you can just click on the “Delete Themes” link.

Upon clicking, you’ll scroll down the page to the appropriate tool, where you will see an option to delete all themes or plugins. Beware, WP Reset doesn’t provide file backup in any way. Therefore, you can’t undo deleting your plugins and themes.

Once you’ve clicked the button, the platform will prompt you to confirm. You’ll simply click the delete option to proceed. You’ll notice a message informing you how many plugins or themes you’ve deleted. In case you delete all themes, you’ll have to install and activate them manually.

Plugins vs. Themes

When using this platform, it’s important to understand the difference between plugin and theme in WordPress. While themes change your website’s design, plugins work to include new functionalities and features.

Although the distinction between the two is clear in theory, some overlap exists in practice. For instance, some themes go beyond altering your website’s appearance. Although the visual focus is the main aspect of virtually any theme, some will comprise features that a plugin can add.

For instance, numerous themes comprise drag and drop editors that allow you to design more intricate content. Simultaneously, you can obtain a page builder in the form of a plugin and use it with whichever theme you like.


WordPress Themes and Plugins

How to Locate WordPress Themes

The most convenient way of finding the best themes is from your dashboard directly. After signing into WordPress, you’ll navigate to “Appearance” and then access “Themes.” Here, at the top of the screen, click on the “Add New Link” option. Click on the search link, and you’ll be directed to a search results page from where you can select Keywords.

Which Theme is Best for WordPress?

With more than 10,000 themes available, it can be difficult to establish the best theme for your needs, especially if you’re a beginner. Remember, applying the right theme could make a big difference to your website or blog. Here are some of the best and most popular themes:


This is one of the widely used themes across the world. It’s a creation of Elegant Themes, which is one of the leading theme shops worldwide. Of the numerous themes available, this is our favorite. Kala clients will often include Divi builder and Divi theme when they build a website with us. 

Divi isn’t merely a theme. The website building framework makes it possible to develop stunning websites without touching a single code line and without configuring and installing several disjointed plugins.  

It comes with an integrated drop-and-drag builder that can work to develop any kind of layout. You can also access 20 pre-made layouts to jump-start your new project. The theme allows you to save custom layouts in the library for later re-use, as required. With this theme, every component of your site is customizable. Therefore, you have absolute freedom to develop the ideal website for you or your clients. 


Elementor is a renowned builder plugin that allows you to develop custom WordPress page layouts using a drag-and-drop interface. Its popularity has resulted in several WordPress themes being made specifically with support for Elementor Pro and Elementor. 

It enables you to tailor every aspect of your website and includes more than 80 design elements to include images, testimonials, and icons. It also integrates distinct modules for online stores, helping you generate stunning sales pages instantly.

Nonetheless, it can be difficult to establish the best theme that suits your needs best. Some of the best Elementor themes include:

Ocean WP

The popular WordPress theme works well with Elementor builder and comes with numerous page templates. The premium extensions will help you extend your website’s functionality and features. The theme’s page load time is fast, and the theme is SEO-friendly.


Astra, this powerful WordPress theme allows you to develop any type of website. It integrates fully with the Elementor page builder and enables you to tailor every facet of your website. The highly customizable theme allows you to create a site any way you wish. 

It comes with demos that help you launch a full-fledged pre-built website with a simple click. Upon importing the demos, you can customize the appearance per your preferences. With this theme, you can turn off the sidebar and page title. You’ll also discover that it integrates seamlessly with popular page builders.


This is the best drag-and-drop WordPress builder for landing pages through which you can develop your site block by block. It comes with hundreds of pre-made templates for webinar pages, sales pages, etc.

You can use numerous layouts for various pages and select your styles, content, and colors anywhere on your website. The theme blends with popular third-party email services such as Constant Contact. You can use the services to increase your email list and connect with your users more efficiently.

Are Themes on WordPress Free?

You can access free themes on WordPress while the premium themes come at a cost. The decision of whether to use a free versus premium theme will depend on different factors, such as what your website is about and whether you’re seeking specific functionality.

Final Thoughts

WordPress themes work to change a website’s design and layout. They customize your site’s appearance, including the color, typography, and other design components. The right theme selection can make your site more appealing and enhance visitor engagement.

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