Rank Math vs. Yoast: Which One is Better?

September 25, 2023

When it comes to optimizing a website for search engines, the choice of an SEO plugin can significantly impact your success. Options like Rank Math and Yoast SEO are WordPress plugins trusted by millions of users worldwide to improve their website’s visibility on search engine results pages.

Dive into Rank Math vs Yoast’s features, performance, and user-friendliness to help determine which is better suited for a site’s needs.

What is Yoast SEO?

The Yoast SEO is a plugin that allows marketing specialists to control how a determined website appears on search engines. It includes many elements, such as titles, meta tags, keyword optimization, XLM sitemaps, etc.

Since its original launch in 2010, this plugin has become the most popular WordPress SEO addon for specialists.

What is Rank Math?

Compared to Yoast, Rank Math is a newly developed plugin that has been rising for years. Launched in 2018 after some years of testing, it grew in popularity until becoming the second most used WordPress plugin by specialists.

Main Plugin Features of Each Tool

To understand why these two plugins are the most used and downloaded ones when it comes to tools, it’s necessary to know what they offer:

Rank Math Features

This plugin is mainly known for offering a very suitable base of resources that can be expanded even more with its premium version.

It allows the creation of templates that are automatically applied to content, as well as allowing a manual adjustment. Titles and descriptions can be changed this way. Setting social media descriptions is also more straightforward with this feature.

Rank Math also supports focusing its keyword analysis on multiple ones to see how well-optimized the words are. Other features like customizable XML sitemaps, local SEO knowledge graphs, image SEO, and internal link suggestions are included in the free version.

As for the premium features, experts can benefit from keyword rank tracking, Google Trends full integration, and Google AdSense earning history. It also enables multiple locations for local SEO and sitemaps for Google News and Video SEO.

What Does Yoast Offer?

While Yoast’s free version is a bit more limited than Rank Math, its multiple premium version addons greatly extend its core features, surpassing its competitors considerably. 

The essential features of this plugin allow you to set titles and meta descriptions with created templates that can be manually adjusted, as well as customizable XML sitemaps. Focusing on one keyword to see how well content is optimized is also possible.

It also offers a sitewide and content schema and the chance to verify a site through Google Console. Setting social media descriptions, basic WooCommerce SEO descriptions, an internal link counter, and Breadcrumbs are also available.

Pro version features of Yoast can fully enhance its core feature, and it’s what makes it the most used resource. It provides a redirect manager, internal link suggestions, a multiple keyword focus service, local SEO, news and video SEO, and advanced WooCommerce SEO.

All of these tools allow marketing experts to get more structured data, as well as other SEO enhancements, to fully optimize a site.

Main Differences Between Both Plugin Features

Comparing their features isn’t the only necessary to get a proper answer when choosing a plugin. Seeing how their work is vital to adapt and optimize a site. These are some of the points where a difference can be spotted between both plugins:

Free Features

Both plugins offer free features, with some available only for premium users. Still, Rank Math has a slighter advantage over its main competitor since it allows experts to use more free core features. These resources are modular and can be turned on or off at will.

As for Yoast, almost every core vital feature is behind the premium version, which means it’s needed to make a yearly subscription. Still, the software offers bundles that can reduce the cost of these subscriptions significantly. 

Readability Analysis

Regarding the potential of readability analysis, Yoast excels over any other plugin, even Rank Math. The potential of its analysis breaks out the readability scores, making it significantly easier for experts to see how the content is doing. Such a metric is vital because search engines use readability for ranking.

Yoast uses a test called Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease to analyze content, which checks the sentence length, number of words, syllables, and many more. It also provides in-depth tips on improving the text score to address what needs to be changed.

There’s even an inclusive language factor that can be turned off or on, where other factors and metrics also analyze content. These are age range, gender, socioeconomic status, and diversity.

Rank Math also includes a readability score feature, but it’s implemented into the core SEO features, meaning it isn’t as deep as its counterpart. In addition to that, the notes given to experts are fundamental, requiring more work to improve it.

Global SEO Options

Setting global SEO options is crucial because it can help any business owner save time. Configuring all these settings simultaneously for every individual page can be a lifesaver. This takes a lot of relevance because editing or updating a page every time it changes could become a full-time job.

As for this point, Rank Math and Yoast have similar features with insignificant differences. The two plugins can set global SEO default settings and configure them for home pages, posts, and other sites.

The differences lay in other aspects. For example, Rank Math displays the relevant settings on the “Settings” tab; meanwhile, Yoast doesn’t have a specific section for it, which doesn’t allow using other widgets or templates.

Visual Optimization

The two plugins also present a self-explanatory content optimization interface. It’s displayed on the main page for both tools in the WordPress admin panel.

Yoast does it with colored buttons, which tell how well optimization is going (red, yellow, and green, from bad to good). This is separated into two columns: one for readability and one for SEO positioning. As for Rank Math, scores go from 0 to 100, divided into keyword, schema, and hyperlink data.

Why Plugins Shouldn’t Be Used to Replace Technical SEO

While SEO plugins for WordPress like Yoast or Rank Math are handy, it’s important to note that they should be overused. Optimizing without them is possible and recommended, especially since this is where the most valuable features are found.

Specialists can achieve many features and goals without needing a plugin. These standalone solutions are usually easier to maintain and don’t come with cluttered features like SEO plugins do sometimes.

Besides that, overusing plugins can potentially harm a website. Using many of them (especially if they don’t work well together) can significantly limit a site’s speed. The impact caused by performance will make any visitor have a bad experience caused by this.

In addition, using Yoast or Rank Math is useless if no SEO strategy is planned. Having a keyword research base is vital for it, acting as a foundation to lay out the necessary steps that need to be taken.

That’s why a moderate use of these tools, plus the proper technical SEO strategies, can provide many benefits, but overusing them can cause issues. Depending on how experts use these tools, a site can significantly benefit from or experience performance issues.

Why do Our Experts at Kala Opt for Yoast?

Our team of marketers experts at Kala opt and recommends always going for Yoast when deciding on a WordPress SEO plugin. While both competitors’ characteristics are very similar and only vary in their premium features and pricing, the truth is Yoast is the most known and picked one.

Its advanced content analysis makes it different from any competitor, helping to easily optimize any content for search engines. This is a time saver and an excellent tool for our experts, who work to get the best out of any client’s site.

Also, Yoast has exceptional customer support service, with a 24/7 technician able to provide solutions if needed. This helps to solve any problem faced by the team working on a site if any platform issue is presented at any time.


The choice between Rank Math vs Yoast ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of specialists and their clients. Both plugins offer a wide range of features to optimize a website’s SEO, and both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Determining which one is better for a website, budget, and features required is vital. This decision should be based on a plugin that aligns best with the website’s unique goals and your personal preferences as a user.

Also, never forget to consider hiring a marketing agency team like our experts from Kala, which can also carry technical SEO strategies that synergize with these plugins. This way, you’ll get a fully optimized site ready to attract many potential visitors.

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