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Optimize your apps to maximize their visibility on app platforms, increase their traffic and the number of downloads. Thanks to the SEO strategies for mobile applications that we use at Kala, you will have your clients and consumers in the palm of your hand!


About App Store Optimization

Having an ASO positioning is as important as designing an application that is useful and intuitive, since if no one finds us in the download channels, what is the use of having the best app?

Many companies create an app, launch it, and wait for users to arrive. But this does not work like that and much less with the amount of competition that exists in the world of Apps.

The aspects that influence the ASO positioning of the applications are:

  • The number of downloads
  • Time and frequency of use
  • Stability and updates
  • Casualties, which have a negative influence

Why App Store Optimization Is Important?


More and more frequently, users download apps on our mobile devices to maintain a direct relationship with the seller. Loyalty, more visibility and quality leads are some of the benefits of ASO.

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Joe, President of Hospital Procedures

B2B campaing for a Helathcare Company

See how we improve our client's metrics

Users coming from organic search, 412.96% increase in 8 months


Transactions increased by 1,531.02 %, 473 vs. 29 in 12 months

Organic revenue growth, $212,850 vs. $13,050 in 12 months


Organic search revenues increased by 18% to $5,979 vs. $4,671 in 6 months


Transactions increased 8.15%, 1,993 vs. 1,557 in 6 months
Organic users increased by 17.39%, 8,284 vs. 7,057 in 6 months

Increased conversions by 175% in 8 months
Increase in organic users by 35.83% in 8 months


Increase of users coming from organic search 50.39 % in 3 months
Transactions increased 96.05 % in 3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Do App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization or Mobile SEO varies on an application-by-application basis. In order to understand what it could possibly entail for you, be sure to speak to a Kala Mobile SEO specialist so that they can advise you accordingly. Simply request your free proposal and let us know how we can help you!

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the practice of boosting the visibility of an app or game in an app store with the goal of generating organic app downloads. Apps get visibility when they rank high on a wide range of search phrases, retain a high position in the top rankings, or are highlighted in the store.

Why App Store Optimization Is Important?

The major purpose of App Store Optimization is to increase the number of downloads and loyal users. The first step toward increasing downloads is making your program readily discoverable by the correct people, and that is why app store optimization is important.

How To Do SEO For Android App?

Whether you desire to do SEO for an Android or iOS app, your needs are not going to be met in a uniform manner. Each app is unique, so instead of wondering how to do SEO for an Android app, reach out to one of our app store optimization experts by requesting a free no obligations proposal and collaborate with us on your needs!

How Much Does App Store Optimization Cost?

Every app has its ideal audience, and proper optimization takes that into account. For a guide on how much you can expect to pay for our app store optimization services, take a look at our pricing bundle above. If you need any more clarification, or would simply like to speak to one of our app store optimization experts, then please request a free no obligations project proposal. We’d love to meet you where you are!

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