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Nobody visits the second page of a search result. If that is where your business is located, you’re probably having a hard time getting found. It’s time to change that!


About Enterprise SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of designing web content according to specific factors, to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). This practice is not stagnant; it’s constantly changing and if your website is not up-to-date, you could find your current rank decreasing over time.

You’ve probably heard of SEO before, and you probably already know that you need to use it somehow in order to increase the number of organic leads landing on your website from a search engine.

An organic lead is a client/customer that has:

  • Searched for you
  • Found you and now
  • Wants to work with you

Why Enterprise SEO Is Important?


Users trust search engines to give them fair results. In order to achieve the top spot on a search engine, you need to be a “credible source”, and SEO is how you do that.

Basically, SEO is important because it ensures that your website is more visible. A visible website is able to get more traffic and more opportunities to convert leads into prospects. Those prospects can eventually turn into customers.


We will also improve your local visibility

– But…why is this crucial for your business? –

Local SEO is when you optimize your digital presence, for the specific purpose of attracting more business in your immediate geographic vicinity, according to local searches and their subsequence search engine results.

This means that if a user searches for industry + location, the search engine understands that there’s a local intent behind the search. There are also instances where search engines assume local intent in some searches because they want the user to get what they want narrowed down as much as possible.

  • Know your competition’s secrets
  • Finally get indexed on Google
  • Be the go-to person in your area
  • Have a website that’s consistently maintained

Why Local SEO
Is Important?


According to a study conducted by Moz, 33% of clicks go to the local “snack pack” results in search engines like Google, while 40% of those clicks end up going to the regular organic results.

That means, when you’re optimizing your digital presence, it is important to think about optimizing it for both organic traffic and local traffic.



– We take your SEO Audit to the next level –

SEO Audits allow you to understand what you’re getting wrong in the realm of search engine optimization and content generation. An SEO audit has to be thorough. Your website’s layout and content both affect your SEO reach, so they need to be covered in the audit.

With an SEO audit and the subsequent consultation that you’ll receive from Kala, you’ll get a big picture of what’s going on behind the scenes on your website. You’ll also find out what you need to stop doing and what you need to be optimizing.

While the services are complex, all of Kala’s SEO audits are easy to understand, because we are aware that business owners need to make the connections on their own, and see how certain SEO issues could be hampering their visibility and reach.

Our consultations give you actionable steps so that you will know which next steps to take in order to make the necessary changes to your SEO strategy; and if you don’t have one, Kala helps you take the steps to create one.

  • Know what the competition has been hiding
  • Give your customers what they’re looking for
  • Never run out of content
  • Speak to your idea customer in their language
  • Rank in more than one country
  • Understand what could have been penalizing your ranking
  • Never miss a bit when web trends change
  • Optimize your products to increase their chances of being seen
  • Get good at understanding SEO
  • Get an audit plan that actually makes sense

Your company’s website is an asset, in the same way, that your team is an asset. It brings in clients and it tells them why they should work with you. This means that it’s important to regularly ensure that none of your content is stagnant and is still competitive in the ever-changing SEO climate.

Whenever you add content or remove content from your website, there needs to be a reason/strategy behind that; this is why a regular SEO audit and subsequent consultations are important.

Our SEO Content Marketing

-Offer content of value to your users and start converting them into clients-

The process of optimizing a blog’s content, site layout, and HTML code for search engines is known as blog SEO. On-page optimization, plugin installation, optimizing website loading speed, and internal linking are all common chores related to blog SEO.

Blogging is beneficial to SEO since it aids in a variety of essential ranking variables. When you have a blog that is consistently updated with high-quality blog entries on themes relevant to your audience, it may make a significant impact on how your whole website ranks in search engines.

Our SEO content marketing is different from what’s currently available on the market in that it is:

  • Backed by keyword research
  • Can be customized around your intended outcomes, i.e. increase leads, make more sales, etc.
  • Well written, high-quality content
  • Targets your audience and focuses on their pain points and desired outcome
  • Increases your site traffic
  • Helps you gain more organic attention
  • Helps you discover opportunities to answer questions that your customers are asking
  • Works with your overall digital marketing strategy

Why SEO Content Marketing Is Important?


Content is highly vital for SEO; without it, search engines will not have enough information to properly index your pages and help you rank. SEO content increases your exposure on search engines, resulting in more visitors to your website and more sales of your products/services. For this reason, when you are developing an SEO content marketing strategy for your website, you simply cannot afford to ignore Blog content SEO, especially not in this day and age where search-engine-results-page (SERP) competition is as fierce as it is.

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More Testimonials from Our Clients

Working with Kala is a pleasure, here are some qualities the team is providing: Good listeners, problem solvers, structured, punctual/on time, flexible , good communicators.

I would 100% recommend Gabriela and her team to other companies that are in a position to start or develop their brand. Achievements together have been great and it's moving in the right direction.


Trion Finance & Consulting

Kala Agency has exceeded our expectations.
Kala team has helped us better understand the needs of our project, ensuring that the results have more impact on our business plan than our initial objective.

They also completed on time and with quality the agreed tasks and project objectives, showing proactivity and mastery in her areas of knowledge and experience.



For those who read this: What am I trying to say? It is easy to inspire a beginner. It is more difficult to inspire someone who already has some knowledge in this field. So, Kala Agency team arereally experienced experts!

We will hire kala team again, no question!



We are an international B2B company. We have been working with Kala for 1 year and the results are very positive. She started with a SEO audit to see the status of our page, solved all the errors, and optimized it for its positioning. Nowadays, we continue working with her with SEO & web maintenance, and content creation. Thank you!



Kala Agency helped me with google ads and google my business SEO optimization for my local business in Barcelona. Communication was excellent, they delivered their job in time and helped me increase conversions! She also came up with very good points to help my business grow. I will hire Kala Agency again soon.


Furgos Paco

Kala agency team were consummated professionals throughout the contract with us. They made themselves highly available to the team and showed their expertise when it came to using our custom CMS and proprietary tech. Their content work was done to a high standard, on time, and we would happily work with them again on any relevant future SEO projects.



Excellent cooperation, good communication, good knowledge and very helpful, will definitely work with them again!



Excellent cooperation! Love working with Kala Agency, always understands the clients requirements well, good communication and good knowledge.


Plus Render

I did not have much knowledge in this field, Kala Agency was extremely helpful in giving me the information to understand the entire process of their work. They are very efficient and timely with great communication. Would definitely recommend them. Very kind and easy to work with!


Health Through Therapy
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We are accredited

Google & Linkedin Certifications

This is how you know that the Kala team is composed of professionals. We are serious about getting results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Enterprise SEO Services?

Enterprise SEO services are a collection of search engine optimization tactics focused on enhancing a major company’s organic visibility.

To increase traffic, businesses need specialist SEO teams and high-level tactics.
Enterprise SEO, when done correctly, can help your business further dominate its sector. Business websites benefit from brand authority, but they must sustain that authority via persistent, successful enterprise SEO.

Successful Enterprise SEO allows a website to outperform the competitors in its industry and increase its brand perception online.

What Are The Benefits Of Enterprise SEO Services?

You’ll be able to track every effort you put into your website using Enterprise SEO. Data tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics may help you achieve this. These allow you to track particular metrics on your site in order to better optimize it for better outcomes.

How Much Does Enterprise SEO Services Cost?

Enterprise SEO costs $11,500 to $21,500 per month on average. This fee, however, might fluctuate based on elements specific to your company.

What Are The Different SEO Services?

For a well-rounded organic search strategy, you’ll need three sorts of SEO: on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. It will be much easier to organize and implement your optimization goals if you split down your approach and think of SEO in these three areas.

When Would I See The Results Of Enterprise SEO?

After you’ve optimized a site’s SEO, it usually takes three to four months (and up to a year) before you see meaningful returns. Although this may appear to be a long period, it is in accordance with Google’s official rules on the subject.

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