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We offer custom services for your company to increase your sales calls. A Linkedin sales professional will create your sales strategy, design your messages to connect with relevant leads and get your calendar full of sales calls. Ready to see results? Get started now.


Custom lead generation services for your business needs

No bots are used to connect with random professionals, no time to waste, and no hassle. Let us help you gain more leads and convert more prospects into clients. A selected LinkedIn professional will be in charge of:

  • Business account – company page
  • Personal account of the main roles in your company

Increase your impact on your business by focusing on the right lead generation services. Create a custom strategy that is unique to your needs.

Why Use LinkedIn for Marketing Your Businesses

LinkedIn is a powerful platform with incredible reach and engagement.

In Kala we can help you:

  • Identify qualified individuals who may be interested in your products or services.
  • Create custom targeting criteria to hone in on the ideal prospects.
  • Create high-quality, targeted messages that will entice them to take action.
  • Encourage them to connect with you via direct message so you can further discuss the opportunity.

Get more sales opportunities with Linkedin

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Using Linkedin for lead gen is a no-brainer. Get your brand in front of more people and build your network while making more sales.

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Turn your leads into customers

Even though digital marketing activities can maximize marketing outcomes, your business results won’t see any difference without sales from those activities. That’s why lead-to-customer conversion must be a top priority for your organization. In fact, according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, 74% of marketing and sales teams concentrate most of their marketing efforts on converting leads into customers.

In Kala, one dedicated professional will fully take charge of your account. There aren’t unlimited professionals that can actually fully book your calendar with sales calls, and we have limited spots. 


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Website Design + SEO + SEM

What does a new company website with little to no content have in common with a well-heeled B2B SAAS company that has been around for two decades? When it comes to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and lead generation, it turns out, a lot more than meets the eye...


Organic Traffic

+74,6 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 63 %

Quality Leads

+34,8 %

Website design + SEO

You’d think that a real estate control and information service provider would have access to the best web design, UX, SEO, and content creation strategies, however, even a company that sophisticated can still fall prey to bad advice, and when this happens...

Trion Finance & Consulting S.L

Organic Traffic

+97,2 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 51 %

Quality Leads

+100 %

Amazon SEO

Everyone understands the importance of SEO as it pertains to search engines, but what about SEO that directly leads to click-through, conversions and sales? This is exactly what Amazon SEO is about, but hardly anyone understands it to the extent that...

Sparkly pets

Organic Traffic


Click Through rate



+11.5 %
We are accredited

Google & Linkedin Certifications

This is how you know that the Kala team is composed of professionals. We are serious about getting results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is the process of identifying and marketing to prospective customers who are interested in your product or service. A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service and may be a potential customer. Lead generation aims to create a relationship with these individuals that will turn into a sale. The best channel for lead generation in B2B companies is Linkedin.
Why Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

With more than 300 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most successful b2b marketing and sales platforms.

LinkedIn is great for building and nurturing relationships with influencers and decision-makers in your target industry. With their knowledge and credibility at your fingertips, you gain an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for content marketing that focuses on thought leadership, blog writing, and other forms of inbound marketing. Not only can you link up with thousands of brand and company pages, but you can also curate relevant content from around the web.

Finally, LinkedIn provides robust analytics that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. This can give you insights into how best to reach your target audience, what types of content most likely resonate with them, and how much money you’re generating for your business. 

Why Does a Business Need to Be on LinkedIn?

It is quite obvious that having a presence on LinkedIn is important for businesses of all kinds (for a b2b business becomes mandatory). As well as being able to connect with potential employees, it is a great way to keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends and promote your company internally. A business’s LinkedIn page can also be used to create employee engagement programs and reward systems.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Used For?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you connect with potential clients and advance your sales pitch in several ways.

For starters, it provides industry-relevant news that’s relevant to your target audience. This can help you establish credibility and build rapport with your targets.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also shows you who in your target’s network will likely be receptive to your pitch. This can help you adjust your approach accordingly.

Finally, it gives you the ability to follow and unfollow targets in real-time, so you can stay connected without being annoying. This can keep you top of mind throughout the sales cycle.

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