If you’re operating internationally, you’ll know that B2B clients appreciate and engage with your brand better when you speak to them in their native language. At Kala, we’re experts in helping businesses expand their operations into new regions by localizing and optimizing their websites for multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, and French). 

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How does multilingual SEO add value?

Optimizing your website for multiple languages is mission-critical for B2B businesses operating across several countries for a number of reasons.

It makes you more competitive.

You’ll rank better for more locally specific searches, staying ahead of your competitors — and if you want to run paid ads alongside, your optimized content will improve your rating there too.

It makes you more visible.

You’ll appear higher up in local language searches and your prospects will be able to interact with your content in their native language — building awareness and interest.

It makes you more relatable.

People like to do business in their preferred language — given the opportunity. Multilingual SEO shows your prospective customer that you care enough to bridge the language gap and address them as individuals.

What languages we work with? English, Spanish, German and French. 

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Multilingual SEO best practices

The key to effective SEO is focusing on best practices in every aspect. Here’s how we ensure the best results for our multilingual SEO clients.

  • Creation of pages in each target language using a logical structure
  • Detailed in-depth analysis of the regions that you want to target.
  • Localized keyword research to communicate your offer accurately.
  • Creation of unique and localized multilingual website content.
  • Adapting campaigns to the requirements of each search engine.
  • Correct placement of the different language versions of the website.
  • Translating the “hidden” parts of your website – tags, descriptions, etc.

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See how we improve our client's metrics

Users coming from organic search, 412.96% increase in 8 months


Transactions increased by 1,531.02 %, 473 vs. 29 in 12 months

Organic revenue growth, $212,850 vs. $13,050 in 12 months


Organic search revenues increased by 18% to $5,979 vs. $4,671 in 6 months


Transactions increased 8.15%, 1,993 vs. 1,557 in 6 months
Organic users increased by 17.39%, 8,284 vs. 7,057 in 6 months

Increased conversions by 175% in 8 months
Increase in organic users by 35.83% in 8 months


Increase of users coming from organic search 50.39 % in 3 months
Transactions increased 96.05 % in 3 months


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Multilingual SEO?

To put it simply — multilingual SEO means optimizing your website for multiple languages to ensure it ranks equally highly, whatever language people are searching in. It’s essential if you want to remain competitive across multiple countries or regions.

It’s much more than translation. It involves technical changes such as using hreflang tags correctly, cultural knowledge to understand how people in different regions respond to marketing, and linguistic insight to adapt to the different ways language speakers use search.

If you’re serious about operating and expanding globally – you need a truly global SEO agency like Kala to get you to the top of the list — in whatever language your customers speak.

Is Multi Language Good for SEO?

The short answer is obviously — yes! Multilingual SEO is business-critical. If your target customers can’t understand your search listings, you’re not going to make much progress up the rankings. And even when they do see your brand, they’re not going to understand your offer.

But even for regions where, for example, English is used as a lingua franca — multilingual SEO can help you to improve customer engagement. By going the extra mile to target customers in their preferred language, you make your website far more user-friendly and allow them to interact with your brand more naturally.

Ultimately, multilingual SEO allows you to both reach a larger audience — and connect on a more personal level with each segment of that audience. That makes it easier to expand your reach and increase your customer base.

How Do You Manage Multiple Languages at Once?

At Kala, we have native speakers of several languages who will optimize your site specifically for each region. So you’ll have a dedicated expert working on SEO for the French version of your site, alongside a colleague working on your SEO in Spanish — all within an integrated agency and project management framework.

How Does a Multilingual Search Engine Marketing Agency Differ From a Traditional Agency?

Let’s be straightforward here. We have specialist knowledge and expertise that they just can’t offer.

Many traditional marketing agencies offer some form of multilingual service. But they’ll usually only translate the texts into the target language (maybe via an outsourced partner) without focusing on optimization techniques and the culture of the place they want to target. It’s better than nothing though right? Not always — poor SEO can actually damage your brand and rankings.

A multilingual SEO agency like Kala employs SEO specialists who are also native speakers of the target languages we offer our services in. They draw on extensive expertise in the technical, cultural, and linguistic factors that make effective SEO work, and they keep their local knowledge up-to-date continually. There’s really no substitute.

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