Pay-Per-click (ppc)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The search pool has become increasingly competitive. Simply having valuable information online won’t cut it; you need to remove the competition completely, and Kala’s SEM strategies are how you’re going to do it!

About Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing method that utilizes paid ads that appear on a search engine’s results page (SERPs).
In order to advertise, you have to bid on keywords that the search engine users might enter when looking for certain services or products. The advertiser appears next to organic search results.

These Pay-per-click (ads) typically come in the following formats:

  • Text-based ads
  • Image-based ads
  • Product listing ads (shopping ads)
  • Social Ads: Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn & Pinterest ads

Why Search Engine Marketing Is Important?


SEM allows advertisers to appear in front of customers and clients who are ready to make a purchase or at least get a consultation. There’s no other advertising medium that is able to do that, which makes it a powerful secret weapon when it’s done well.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Website Design + SEO + SEM

What does a new company website with little to no content have in common with a well-heeled B2B SAAS company that has been around for two decades? When it comes to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and lead generation, it turns out, a lot more than meets the eye...


Organic Traffic

+74,6 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 63 %

Quality Leads

+34,8 %

Website design + SEO

You’d think that a real estate control and information service provider would have access to the best web design, UX, SEO, and content creation strategies, however, even a company that sophisticated can still fall prey to bad advice, and when this happens...

Trion Finance & Consulting S.L

Organic Traffic

+97,2 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 51 %

Quality Leads

+100 %

Amazon SEO

Everyone understands the importance of SEO as it pertains to search engines, but what about SEO that directly leads to click-through, conversions and sales? This is exactly what Amazon SEO is about, but hardly anyone understands it to the extent that...

Sparkly pets

Organic Traffic


Click Through rate



+11.5 %
We are accredited

Google & Linkedin Certifications

This is how you know that the Kala team is composed of professionals. We are serious about getting results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is SEM in Digital Marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing approach that is used to boost a website’s exposure in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing is often known as sponsored search or pay-per-click (PPC).

What Does SEM Stand For?

SEM is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Marketing.” A type of internet marketing that aims to increase the visibility of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO), sponsored placement, contextual advertising, digital asset optimization, and paid inclusion are all SEM approaches.

How Much Does SEM Service Costs?

Search Engine Marketing services vary from project to project, depending on the strategy necessary to grow the website’s visibility. For a guide on how much you can expect to pay for our SEM services, take a look at our pricing bundle. If you need any more clarification, or would simply like to speak to one of our Search Engine Marketing experts, then please request a free no obligations project proposal. We’d love to meet you where you are!

Why Is SEM Important For A Business?

Search Engine Marketing is extremely important to any business that wants to grow. For starters, there are several advantages to employing SEM for your organization. For example, growing your internet presence increases brand recognition and exposure. This, in turn, creates web leads and revenues (which obviously allow you to make money by selling products and services).

What Are The Two Main Types Of SEM?

There are two types of SEM: SEO and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). However, in the marketing industry, the word SEM mostly refers to Search Engine Advertising.

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