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Video editing is a rewarding storytelling experience. The scope of the project hardly ever matters, because the Kala team is always happy to tell your story — YouTube video, or something far more complex, add us to your timeline!

About Kala’s Video Editing Services

Kala’s video production and video editing services take raw, unfinished footage and turn these recordings into full phase high-quality movies that tell a story. We have a high-turn around time which does not compromise your video quality.

Our process includes:

  • Editing
  • Organizing
  • Fixing & Adding Effects
  • Color correction
  • Closed Captioning
  • A & B Roll
  • Sound mixing

Why is Video Editing important?


Nowadays, more and more people get their information from video content. You can shoot a high-resolution video with your mobile phone, but good video editing is still the most time-consuming part, which causes many businesses to give up on video entirely!
When the Kala team handles it, you can have a complete video ready to publish anywhere!


Select The Best Video Editing Plan For Your Needs

Entrepreneur Plan

Ideal if you’ve started incorporating more video into your content arsenal and need to decrease the type you spend editing it.

Starting from

1410 €


Up to 1.5 minutes of video

Includes Visual Effects

Improved Sound Post-Production

YouTube Channel Creation

Content Uploaded to YouTube Channel

SEO Optimization for YouTube Content

Includes Additional Images & B-Roll

Business Plan

If you’ve got multiple video platforms and content types in your pipeline, this plan helps you streamline all of those videos and show up!

Starting from

1800 €


1.5 to 3 minutes of video

Includes Visual Effects

Improved Sound Post-Production

YouTube Channel Creation

Content Uploaded to YouTube Channel

SEO Optimization for YouTube Content

Includes Additional Images & B-Roll

Guru Plan

From editing YouTube videos and Zoom meetings on evergreen, this is the plan that gets it done!

Starting from

2310 €


3+ minutes of video

Includes Visual Effects

Improved Sound Post-Production

YouTube Channel Creation

Content Uploaded to YouTube Channel

SEO Optimization for YouTube Content

Includes Additional Images & B-Roll

Create your plan

What if you’re not sure whether you should be hiring a professional video editor to help you take over video production?


With this plan, you can create a custom Video production and Video editing plan that suits your immediate needs.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Website Design + SEO + SEM

What does a new company website with little to no content have in common with a well-heeled B2B SAAS company that has been around for two decades? When it comes to search engine optimization, search engine marketing and lead generation, it turns out, a lot more than meets the eye...


Organic Traffic

+74,6 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 63 %

Quality Leads

+34,8 %

Website design + SEO

You’d think that a real estate control and information service provider would have access to the best web design, UX, SEO, and content creation strategies, however, even a company that sophisticated can still fall prey to bad advice, and when this happens...

Trion Finance & Consulting S.L

Organic Traffic

+97,2 %

Bounce Rate

Reduced by 51 %

Quality Leads

+100 %

Amazon SEO

Everyone understands the importance of SEO as it pertains to search engines, but what about SEO that directly leads to click-through, conversions and sales? This is exactly what Amazon SEO is about, but hardly anyone understands it to the extent that...

Sparkly pets

Organic Traffic


Click Through rate



+11.5 %
We are accredited

Google Certifications

This is how you know that the Kala team is composed of professionals. We are serious about getting results for our clients.

Do you need help?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Edit Videos?

Professional video editing is highly complex. What most videographers soon realize is that they amass a tonne of video clips over time, and all of that data can get confusing to handle. Kala’s team of expert video editors is adept at keeping video directories for our multitudes of clients without missing a beat in post-production. Why don’t you get yourself a free, no obligations video edition proposal and see what we can do for you, today?

How Does Video Editing Help Youtube SEO?

If you’re aware of SEO for your website, you’ll find YouTube SEO to be extremely comparable. Increased exposure in Google boosts website traffic, conversion rate, and income. That means a well-edited YouTube video, ideally done by someone that understands the fundamentals of digital video production for a streaming platform will help raise critical metrics such as follower count, brand recognition, website visits, and overall income from Google Adsense and sponsorships.

How Much Does Video Editing Cost?

We work on a project-by-project basis, so the first thing that you can do is take a look at our video editing plans and see which one of our offers suits your needs the most. If you’re not sure where to begin, our team of video production experts would be more than happy to assist you. Simply grab your free video edition proposal and let us know where you currently are on your journey. We’ll do the rest!

What Is Video Production and Editing?

The process of creating video material for television, home video, or the internet is known as video production. Pre-production includes all components of the video production process that are planned before filming starts.

What Software Do Professionals Use For Video Editing?

Video editing technology has improved rapidly, particularly since the transition from linear to non-linear editing (NLE). This indicates that several professional video editing systems, of which there are many, have become sophisticated in their own way. Your best bet is to consult with someone who has substantial experience in video editing. And that’s where Kala’s video edition experts come in. What are your current editing and production needs? Let us know!

How Can I Edit A Video Professionally For Free?

Unlike a lot of professional video production expats, Kala understands the need for you to understand exactly what you’re getting. For this reason, we have been transparent with our pricing plans, however, we also offer a FREE proposal for video editing. This is how you can really know what goes into editing a video professionally, for free!

What Do Professional Youtubers Use To Edit Videos?

Professional YouTubers understand that editing videos are extremely time-consuming; to put together a high-quality branded YouTube video can take days (sometimes even weeks) — which is why, many YouTubers high professional video producers and editors, like us! If you’re interested in producing high-quality content and doing so at a fraction of the time that it takes the average YouTuber, Kala can be your secret weapon. Take a look at our video production plans.

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