Sudden Website Traffic Down: What to Do?

October 16, 2023

Maintaining a stable and high level of website traffic is essential for online businesses and organizations. However, there are times when unforeseen circumstances can lead to a sudden drop in website traffic, leaving website owners and marketers in a state of concern and uncertainty.

Various factors can contribute to a sudden decline in website traffic. Whether it’s a technical SEO issue, algorithm changes, or shifts in user behavior, understanding the root causes and having a strategic plan is vital. This can help not only to recover lost traffic but also prevent future fluctuations.

What to Do When Traffic Goes Down?

Before developing any strategy or method to boost traffic levels again, specialists must first discover what’s happening or causing the site’s traffic down. With the current multiple sources organizations use as traffic (email, organic, referral, social media), it can be hard to tell what’s failing.

Luckily, SEO experts and marketers have a few tricks and tips that, along with their knowledge, can help to address, measure and determine what traffic source is making numbers go down.

Confirming the Traffic Drop

Google Analytics tends to drop specific alerts in users’ inboxes, notifying them about certain changes. These rank trackers can help to roughly tell the experts what needs managing to avoid rankings going down. This discovery phase is vital to identify what is causing such a drop.

A seasoned SEO specialist doesn’t entirely base their test and analysis on tools. Most of the work is deduced from previous work experience, which, with some tools, can significantly hasten the process.

It’s also possible that sometimes it seems like traffic dropped, but something else has shifted online. This can be caused by large mobile platforms updating their operating systems, rank trackers stopping their updates, or simply losing the site’s tracking code.

Checking Visibility Tools

The expert’s experience, along with checking visibility tools, is of great help in reporting the drop in traffic. It’s important to note that these tools don’t update ranking daily, but they provide a good sense of what could be happening.

Using the Search Console to Address the Issue

The Search Console Data is an excellent complement to the professional’s expertise in seeing what keywords have lost impressions. It can help to acknowledge the issue for sites of any size, especially when traffic loss is notorious.

Comparing the page with the previous months and watching its queries can help experts note how many clicks and impressions were reduced. After that, specialists will be able to carry out a strategy comparing it week by week to start solving it.

Employ Rank Tracking

Specialists of SEO and marketing should always set up their rank tracking to get at least weekly updates, if not daily. This is vital because experts can quickly check the numbers and notice any changes if traffic drops.

Keep Investing in SEO

Many organizations follow a method of cutting their budget for SEO and marketing during times of crisis, traffic drop, and related issues. This is a massive error because search engine optimization is the most effective way to have a chance to get up and working again.

The most recommended idea is to reduce spending from other sectors, focusing primarily on planning a strategy to help recover. Experts this way will earn customers’ trust quickly, increase market share, and keep clients loyal.

Most Common Reasons for Traffic Dropping Down

It’s crucial for experts to notice website traffic down with any of the methods and strategies available and acknowledge its common causes. Many things that can make this happen are actually more common than expected. These are some of those causes:

New Algorithm Updates

One of the most common causes for traffic numbers getting lower is the updates and changes caused by search engines’ algorithms. Engines like Google or Bing are always looking for ways to improve the search experience, which makes them provide such changes.

The solution to this issue is obvious and involves SEO work. Experts must work around search engine optimization because it’s vital to revert any changes that algorithm updates could cause. Cross-channel marketing strategies are also a viable strategy to start gaining traffic again.

Searching and being updated with the latest news about engine changes is essential for reducing its changes. Taking time to analyze the affected sites is a task that every specialist must take to ensure that the damage done is reduced the most.

Seasoned specialists are vital for this process, mainly because, with their expertise, they can quickly diagnose what’s causing the issue.

Site is Unsecured

A significant and permanent drop in traffic can also be caused by a site being unsecured. Security online is essential, so almost every site uses the HTTPS protocol. In comparison with HTTP, it encrypts and transfers data safely.

Since its announcement in 2014 by Google, cybersecurity has become more critical within sites, which is why search engines alert users if a site uses HTTP.

A full-page notification pops up, stopping the users from entering the clicked site and encouraging them to return. If the user agrees to enter the site, Google will mark it as unsafe. This can make many sites feel insecure, reducing traffic and potential sales.

With the assistance of an SEO developer expert, organizations can change their HTTP page to an HTTPS one, helping to restore their traffic as soon as possible. Activating such a change takes two days before being granted an SSL certificate.

Keyword Strategy Outdated

Outdated keyword strategies can also cause a slow and consistent decrease in traffic. Specialists must evaluate these strategies to check the content and how it’s ranking.

Such a monitoring process is vital because customer trends change. Google Trends shows how shopping habits change over time. For example, some time ago, people searched for the word “cellphone” until the eventual takeover of smartphones.

Adapting the keywords to these trends is mandatory to avoid risking the loss of valuable website traffic.

SEO specialists like our team from Kala can audit a keyword strategy that searches for outdated and generic keywords, replacing them with useful ones. These high-volume words with more value can attract more interested customers.

Crawl Errors

The Index Coverage Report from Google Search Console can help to check any associated error that isn’t included in the index. Typical errors found in the report that are very common are server and redirect errors, blocked URLs, soft 404 errors, duplicated content and crawling errors.

SEO Strategies Implemented Incorrectly

The ability of SEO to refresh a site entirely is vital for any website that looks forward to getting more views and improving its rankings. However, an incorrect implementation of strategies can cause devastating damage to traffic.

Committing this mistake is very frequent. One of these issues is not understanding the balance between SEO and web design. Replacing page content, title tags, and meta descriptions, creating brand pages for existing pages, or changing the structure without updating the sitemap are some of these problems.

An expert can take action and implement a proper strategy to solve this. Restoring the site through backups, optimizing the new content, updating the sitemap, and setting up 301 redirects are some vital things that should be considered.

Slow Speed

An essential part of any site is its responsiveness. Having a fast-speed website is vital to make people engage with the site. Most users abandon a site and look for other options if they see a disorganized interface and a loading page.

Having an agency expert make an analysis can help find any flaws, including CSS not being optimized, having many large media files, or including too many plugins.

Can Authority Go Up and Traffic Go Down?

Even when having a solid SEO strategy that builds authority, it’s possible that organic traffic still decreases a bit. This sometimes happens because changes in Google organic sitelinks cause primary drop impressions in the Console.

The decline in impressions and its average positions also affect the click-through rate. While the severity of this issue and its impact varies from site to site, it’s vital to continuously monitor and monitor if any of these issues are happening.

Although most reported drops don’t have performance implications, constantly analyzing the traffic to understand the true impact can help to reduce it.


Experiencing the issue of website traffic down can be challenging and stressful, and it’s vital to address it as soon as possible.

By following the correct steps and hiring a marketing SEO specialist, they can thoroughly analyze your website, identify potential issues, optimize your content and SEO strategy, and actively engage with your audience.

These methods help to work towards recovering and even surpassing your previous levels of web traffic. Agencies like Kala are specialists in these tasks, helping clients navigate through traffic downturns and continue to grow their online presence effectively, thanks to their knowledge and area expertise.

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