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June 21, 2022

We live in a digital world where it’s almost impossible to succeed without SEO or search engine optimization. We all know that SEO can increase online traffic and visibility, making businesses seem more legitimate and credible. 

However, large companies that would like to boost organic traffic and maximize their online presence will need to incorporate enterprise-level SEO. Since half of website visitors are generated by organic searches and over 90% of users start off with search engines, a good enterprise SEO agency can help you maximize your online visibility and organic search performance.

In this article, we talk about enterprise SEO — what it is, how you can make it work for you, its benefits, and more.

How Is Enterprise SEO Different From Traditional SEO?

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps your website rank higher in search engines. This helps you get valuable website traffic that increases conversions while helping you stay within budget, making it perfect for small and medium-sized companies.

Enterprise SEO, on the other hand, is an apt solution for established companies with a significant online presence. Their websites may have thousands of pages where they need to monitor and maintain organic traffic. Instead of having one subject matter expert (SME), keeping track of so many web pages requires a well-versed team of experts.

Enterprise SEO is essentially the same as traditional SEO but is designed to help your online performance on a much larger scale. It offers features such as shareability, repurposing as well as leveraging data and search trends to give your company a leg up. It also uses a more complex infrastructure and team integration.

Because enterprise SEO agencies have dedicated departments for each strategy, they can offer more targeted and effective services than traditional SEO companies.

What Is an Enterprise SEO Agency?

An Enterprise SEO agency offers a wide range of enterprise SEO services that are focused on enhancing a company’s organic visibility, traffic, and conversion rates to improve search engine optimization. 

It also allows businesses to further dominate their industries by aligning their websites to their business goals so they can seize opportunities presented by a broader market. Because of this, companies who use enterprise SEO can outperform competitors and increase their online brand authority.

What Services Does an Enterprise SEO Agency Offer?

An enterprise SEO company provides a range of services that are geared towards finding and implementing tailored enterprise SEO strategies for businesses. 

Here’s what you can expect when partnering with an SEO agency:

Website Audit, Analysis, and Reporting

SEO agencies perform an SEO audit of your site and server so they can gain crucial insights into existing strategies.

Using analytics, SEO companies can track aspects like:

  • How visitors found your website, how they came upon it, and what devices they used to access it
  • How many times users visited your page
  • The average amount of time visitors spend on your site
  • Bounce rates (number of visitors who only visit one page before leaving)
  • Site loading speed
  • Changes in website traffic over a period of time
  • Information about target audiences, such as where they’re from and what language(s) they speak

Key performance indicators like the ones outlined above help enterprise SEO agencies understand which aspects of your strategy need work so you can meet your goals.

Once these changes are identified and rolled out, they will provide a report of their findings to let you know how your site is doing and to see if further changes are necessary. This will not only give you a clear picture of your organic search performance but will also supply stakeholders with the data they need to continue supporting your business.

Link Building

Link building, an integral part of SEO, classifies links as:

  • Internal links: These are links within your site that lead to other pages on your website. It helps Google find and index your pages faster, helping them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 
  • Backlinks: These are links to your website that are published on another site that isn’t your own. It increases credibility and off-page SEO success.

SEO enterprise agencies help create an efficient internal linking structure. This includes encouraging other reputable, high-ranking publishers and influencers to link to your pages to improve off-page SEO. 

The right network of links can help businesses target certain demographics. It also improves social proof by generating natural backlinks, which can boost your SEO value.

In addition to these services, enterprise SEO agencies can help identify the types of content you should pitch and to whom. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Enterprise SEO specialists can look at your analytics to find the best strategies to increase conversion. Conversion rate optimization entails targeting customers at every level of the sales funnel. 

They do this by leveraging customer behavior insights, which helps businesses identify what a potential customer needs before purchasing. This could be more information, incentives, or value confirmation. 

Improves User Experience

An unoptimized website will not provide a great user experience. This will affect the average time spent on your site and bounce rate.

An enterprise SEO company improves the user experience by optimizing your website in terms of navigation, page loading speed, multimedia elements, content, and internal links to make it attractive to visitors. 

Protects, Improves, and Manages Brand Reputation

Businesses usually have a branding strategy in place. Their strategies could be focused on their core values, their brand personality, and positioning as well as what differentiates them from the competition.

Enterprise SEO agencies can boost the effectiveness of such strategies and improve online customer touch points by helping increase return on investment (ROI). They also assist in the management of the company’s reputation by using public relations and SEO techniques to keep positive content on the first page of high-competition search results to influence public perception.

Social Media Strategy and Content Atomization 

An enterprise SEO agency will help determine which social media platforms are right for your business. It can also help you create unique content such as videos, images, reels, stories, and more. This increases brand awareness and greater engagement with your audience. 

Here’s how digital agencies can help with crafting content, content atomization, and keyword optimization:

Crafting Content

A talented team of content writers will employ the best SEO practices so clients have compelling, user-focused information, enhancing your brand’s visibility on SERPs. 

They’ll also help spot and remove duplicate content to prevent confusing search engines and diluting link equity, which both result in a bad SEO and user experience.

Content Atomization

An enterprise SEO agency will help you direct the majority of your content to as many relevant audiences as possible. This means that you’ll only have to customize a fraction of your content to resonate with your target audience. This method saves time, effort, and money.

Keyword Optimization

The enterprise SEO agency will ensure your content and site pages are keyword optimized by incorporating valuable branded and bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu) keywords in your content strategy. Doing so helps increase your rankings, captures the attention of your target audience, and drives conversions.

They’ll also show you how your content can be tweaked to match search intent. 

Once the necessary changes are made and the agency has the necessary analytics at hand, it will keep you updated on your campaign’s progress with routine and transparent reports. 

Choosing the Right Enterprise SEO Company for Your Business

Choosing the Right Enterprise SEO Company for Your Business

With so many enterprise SEO companies in the market today, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your company. To make things easier, here are two things you need to do while shopping for an enterprise SEO agency:

1. Know What Your Business Needs 

Are you looking for more conversions? Do you need to increase organic website traffic? Or perhaps you’d like to have a stronger social media presence?

Whatever your objectives, knowing your goals and needs is half the battle. Once you’ve identified them, you can sift through agencies that specialize in areas you’d like to focus on.

2. Perform Due Diligence

It’s important to know who you’re doing business with. After all, you’ll be entrusting your brand’s online presence to them. 

Call or email different agencies and get proposals. See how long they’ve been in business and what their clients have to say about them. 

When doing research, go beyond their website. Look at online reviews. If an agency has more positive reviews than negative, put them on your shortlist. Also, look at how they respond to negative reviews because it gives an indication of how you’ll be treated as a client.

How Much Does Enterprise SEO Cost? 

Keep in mind that cost is often related to quality. If an agency is offering dirt-cheap prices or much lower prices than its peers, it pays to be wary. You should likewise beware of agencies that promise immediate results. SEO, especially for big companies, takes time and there is no such thing as overnight results.

The cost will depend on each company. It should always be a customized result to your needs. 

Kala: Pragmatic and Prolific Enterprise SEO

Kala provides proactive SEO solutions. We have a pragmatic approach to enterprise SEO that delivers prolific results. 

We help your business succeed and gain an edge over the competition by conducting thorough SEO audits, identifying the best online strategies, and work with you to implement them. We also track performance and results so you can have a clear view at all times of where you are and how we’re helping you achieve your SEO goals.

Kala is composed of digital natives who have the know-how and heart to help you create a more authentic, credible online presence. Kala is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses share genuine stories digitally that represent their online and real-life selves. 

Apart from our SEO and SEO enterprise services, we also offer search engine marketing, web design, and social media marketing.

Contact us at (+34) 607 544 226 to get a free proposal and take your business to the next level.

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