The Most Important Predictions for SEO in 2024

March 8, 2024

The constantly evolving realm of SEO and digital marketing is where businesses strive to enhance their online presence and reach their target audience effectively, adopting new techniques and strategies that evolve over time.

As for this year’s landscape, it’s vital to anticipate these shifts and address the emerging trends that will shape marketing.

From advancements in artificial intelligence to the evolving algorithms of search engines, there are many predictions, providing valuable insights for marketers and businesses alike.

What’s Expected for This Year?

Search engine journals have already released their annual SEO trends reports, meaning there are many insights and reports for this year. Many specialists have contributed to the idea of what can be expected.

With a focus on the “back to basics” approach focusing on solid content for future SEO strategies, these are some of the most essential points:

Helpful Content Will Be Vital

Google developers regularly post content updates that look forward to combat certain content that was produced only to show on the SERPs, instead of being valuable. This will be one of the most critical changes, meaning quality over quantity will be vital.

The engine will determine which sites are helpful for viewers with a very clear algorithm: it generates site-wide signals and bases its helpfulness on them. If a site ranks with high levels of unhelpful content, it will likely perform poorly in Search.

It’s essential to avoid this method of publishing from now on, especially since unhelpful content can also lower the chances of other pages ranking higher. This is because Google looks at your posts as a whole instead of as individual pieces.

The Rise of AI Content

The sudden surge of artificial intelligence was significant in the rise of low-effort and low-value content being partially to blame. This new technology has allowed brands to pump out lifeless but optimized content quickly, with no supervision.

It’s important for companies to always supervise when developing this type of content because not addressing the issues chat generators might have will easily degrade trust, causing potential users and customers to leave.

Employing someone who can read, modify, update, and change inevitable mistakes after the chat prompt is generated is vital to maintaining an excellent AI-generated text with the needed mix of human presence.

Providing More Human Value

Completely related to AI, these new changes for the current year also require more human value for users when it comes to creating content. When a user visits your site, it’s because they want answers or solutions, or to learn something new.; this is that needed value.

Businesses must focus on providing these values, no matter what users are looking forward to getting from their sites. The value goal is always the same, and readjusting your SEO strategy towards human-centered approaches is the way to go.

This prediction of needing more human-focused content presents the concept of “situational content”. It involves that various solutions for the advice and offers made by businesses must have a plan B. For example: “if X doesn’t work for you, you should try Y”.

Situational concepts address the users’ needs directly, being more conversational than standard content. It proves knowledge since it predicts and tries to solve situations, showing visitors that the content was made by a real person since AI can’t replicate this added value.

To add value, businesses must also inject experience and expertise to their content. Finding someone who has the knowledge for the topic you want to write on can help with this, embracing genuine insights, stories and experiences.

More Real Experiences

The overuse of artificial intelligence doesn’t only become unhelpful for users but also doesn’t provide an authentic experience. Text generators can provide worlds of information but no honest thoughts, complex solutions, or progress with it.

While a ChatGPT prompt can be simply copy-pasted and published as its content for businesses, it doesn’t provide any added value. An actual human also includes strategies, tips, and other styles that make it exciting and less plain.

The texts can also be seen as more clearly humanized, instead of standardized human responses, being more fun to read and engaging.

Experts predict that developing ontologies to separate from AI authorship will be vital in these real experiences. These are ways to show that writers know the basics and can showcase such knowledge to both users and engines.

Evolving SERPs

While helpful content is vital for success, there are many other factors that can help brands boost their rankings. Building a strong brand presence is believed to be crucial in 2024. While this seems like an obvious statement, it will become of extreme importance for SEO.

SERPs are evolving quickly, and algorithm changes are having a great impact on visibility almost overnight. While visible brands are still likely to attract clicks with fluctuating rankings, smaller brands must invest in brand-building initiatives and provide good service.

While these disruptive changes cannot be easily predicted, specialists are sure that they will occur in late 2024 and next year. To avoid the consequences, being prepared for change, no matter how small or big, is a must.

One of these upcoming changes will be the already teased feature Search Generative Experience, which will fully roll out late this year. While it’s expected not to significantly impact users’ searches, having a backup plan is vital.

Impactful Manual Research and Niche Keywords

Targeting keywords with zero-volume or being currently trending will also have a huge impact for SEO in 2024. These niche words tend to be relatively new (hence why they don’t have enough searches) and often come from sites like TikTok or Reddit.

These zero-search-volume words are a great way to reach specific audiences. While they have a smaller group of people interested, they tend to have higher conversion levels. This allows brands to build interest in new topics and reach higher SERP rankings.

While the era seems dominated by AI, those who engage their topics with hands-on research have more chances to stand out. Such manual approaches will lead to more traffic, better engagement, and address the audience’s interests.

Higher Prices

Many specialists have predicted that prices will rise exponentially this year. While this is bad news for many small businesses, bigger companies shouldn’t worry too much because they can invest in the best SEO services.

It’s expected that companies with annual spending between $26 million and $2.5 billion will increase their marketing payments by around 9% this year. For smaller brands, this can be a problem because they’ll have to decide between cheap and correct SEO strategies.

However, this isn’t the end for newcomers and startups. Regardless of the company’s size, having the best SEO is all that matters. Even with all the resources available, it’s known that many big brands don’t usually implement the best services.

More Relevant Technical SEO

With a search environment being more competitive than ever, every little bit counts to gain traction and more visibility. The more brands can refine their website for users, the better they’ll be able to compete.

To create these optimal user experiences, technical SEO is paramount. Those who only rely on surface-level SEO (keywords, information) and ignore the technical background won’t stand a chance against their competitors.

Hiring marketing agencies like Kala can greatly help your brand with this. Our specialists cannot only carry out common SEO plans but also multilingual and technical strategies that ensure your brand will gain recognition and success.

Rise of Video SEO

While creating written content is still one of the top priorities, video content ranks high among Google search results and YouTube. This presents an excellent opportunity for marketing teams to expand into new markets and audiences.

It’s expected that digital video viewers will reach around 3.78 billion views this year, having an even higher importance than the previous year.

Almost 89% of users want to see videos about the brands they follow, and 91% of marketing brands used this type of content to publish their products last year. More than 80% of users also admitted that videos convinced them to buy a product.

To properly develop a video SEO strategy, specialists must have a plan first. This will help to set videos apart from the rest of the competition and ensure the audience watches the content, values it, and keeps coming back for more.

Agencies use YouTube keyword research tools to target and implement relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags, enhancing the possibility of their being discovered by potentially interested people.

More Importance to Refreshed Old Content

The increase of competition and availability of content online makes it hard for many brands to keep up with other brands. Since AI won’t be of big help to quickly publish content, maintaining relevance on SERPs through refreshing old content is key.

This refreshes the cycle and makes old posts relevant again, providing new updated valuable information to users that come back.

However, refreshing doesn’t only mean changing some facts or updating numbers. It must align to the user’s intent, adhere to SEO practices and compete with newer material.


The landscape of SEO in 2024 is influenced by significant evolution driven by advancements in technology. It’s changing user behaviors, and search engine algorithm updates that look forward to going back into the old basics.

Embracing these old-fashioned trends, such as replacing AI-driven content optimization and prioritizing user experience, will be crucial for staying competitive digitally.

Additionally, integrating sustainability and ethical practices into SEO strategies will enhance brand reputation and contribute to long-term success. Adaptability and innovation will be vital while having an agency like Kala is a must.

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