What is Clubhouse?

June 11, 2021

The Clubhouse app has gained popularity lately, all thanks to Elon Musk, the world’s richest man making an appearance on the platform in January, subsequently driving traffic and attention to the service.

People scrambled to download the app after seeing multiple celebrities posting about it on other social media sites but were disappointed when they were put on the waitlist. It may seem confusing. Why are we regular folks being withheld from exploring the mobile app available to a chosen few? 

The fact that this app has gained popularity because of its exclusivity is part of its charm and one of the reasons why everyone wants to be a part of this game-changer. You must be curious. Curiosity is good, and we can work with that. 

Don’t worry, we come bearing information. Here’s all you need to know about the exclusive chat app that has got everyone talking – pun intended.

What is Clubhouse and How Does it Work?

The Clubhouse is an invite-only audio-based social media app available on iPhone only. It’s like listening in to someone else’s call, without any legal ramifications. How crazy is that?

Clubhouse was launched in the year 2020 by two tech industry veterans, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson. 

It has seen a recent spike in downloads after Tesla and Space X’s CEO Elon Musk’s conversation with Vladimir Tenev, Chief of Robinhood Markets. It has, in recent weeks, seen venture capital firms approaching the founders.

Clubhouse creates spaces where people can listen, host, and join in on conversations within the app. As soon as a user opens the app, they are presented with a detailed list of the ongoing chat rooms/meetings along with a list showing who’s in each room. A user can join an existing chat room or create their own room, invite people and start their own conversations

Of course, in addition to speakers and listeners, the Clubhouse also has moderators. The latter are the people who have control over who is allowed to speak. They can give someone speaking privileges or kick out people who don’t seem to abide by the rules. Listeners can also join the conversation and speak by ‘raising their hand.’

You can jump between different rooms, focused on different subjects. It’s like a live podcast, just with more flexibility and security. Whatever happens in the Clubhouse stays in the Clubhouse. The app does not allow saving or recording conversations

What is Clubhouse used for?

The Clubhouse is a great way for people to talk, meet, and share ideas for just about everything under the sun. You can’t send pictures, texts, and videos. This social media platform works audio-only.

With a variety of topics happening in different rooms at your perusal, where you can come and go according to your whims, the Clubhouse can be used as a powerful medium to gain knowledge, make connections, get advice, collaborations, and then some.

What does Clubhouse mean?


What is Clubhouse

According to one of the definitions of the Cambridge dictionary, a Clubhouse is a building where members of a club meet and have social events. 

What is Clubhouse App then? It’s an app available for iOS users that allows them to listen to other people’s conversations. These people want to be heard, so no, you’re not creeping on them, and no, it’s not illegal.

These people are usually famous and are experts in their fields. No guarantees, though. Anyone who has an invite can join conversations and speak with other people, forging connections on the way. It’s like a live Twitter/TED talk and podcast crossover.

What makes it different?

Primarily, Clubhouse is an audio-based platform. The Clubhouse has a camera-free environment, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, where you are, maintain eye contact, or worry about privacy, in general.

Voice is a very powerful and special medium. In the absence of a video medium, emotions are conveyed through intonation and inflection, making the impact worthwhile. 

Of course, you can build connections and butt heads on challenging topics, just like you would on any other app. Because of its exclusive focus on audio as a medium, there’s a hope to build up empathy.

How can companies use Clubhouse for Business Growth?

The Clubhouse Team is working on expanding, and there’s a strong possibility that it might be available for a larger audience very soon. There’s an app for Android in the works too.

This is why companies need to keep up with the demands of the time and use this app to their advantage. Unlike other platforms, Clubhouse has brought focus on audio as a powerful medium. The Clubhouse can be used as a medium to create connections.

Like every social media app, Clubhouse offers both long-term and short-term business gains. Where else will you be able to talk to legends in their fields directly and get answers to your questions in real-time, if not at Clubhouse?

In today’s age, any popular app can be an effective tool for business and marketing. If you’ve managed to get an invite, what’s stopping you from making the best of it? Experiment. Your business plans and goals may not come to fruition instantly, but at the very least, you’ll learn something.

Here are a couple of benefits Clubhouse may provide to your business:

Networking with experts in various industries

It’s crazy how much information you can glean from a single video. If you’ve ever spent the night before an exam looking through YouTube videos, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Entrepreneurs should focus on participating in a variety of chat rooms focused on their career specialty. Listening to people who’ve made it big can help us solve problems and come up with strategies, strengthening our business.

Collaboration for projects, ideas, and network

Forging connections is important. When you visit the rooms, you tend to connect with people who have the same mindset. Some people have more to offer than others. There’s a strong possibility of you stumbling into a person who has more knowledge and experience in the same field as you and is willing to help you out and give advice.

Some people have treated Clubhouse like a new version of Tinder, so why can’t you treat it like LinkedIn? Explore your options. Indulge in friendly conversations. The Clubhouse is your runway.

Curating content, connect with a larger audience.

If you’re good at something, share it with others. This will keep you in touch with your area of expertise and will potentially help people with their questions and doubts. 

Remember: Engage, engage, engage. Keep the conversations and topics lively and fun. You’re bound to create a community this way, members of which can potentially be your clients one day.

One of the most important functions of the Clubhouse lies in the availability and reach the platform offers. If you already have an invite, you’re far up in the game than most of your competitors. This gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Is Clubhouse a dating app?

No, Clubhouse is not a dating app. That does not mean people haven’t found love in it. If you like the sound of someone’s voice, by all means, shoot your shot. Nothing is stopping you. But please, for the sake of everybody else, read the room first before you get your game on.


Is Clubhouse a dating app?

Because Clubhouse does not have a direct messaging feature, people tend to move to different social websites to better connect with people. Clubhouse only offers a small photo per profile. The rest is based on audio. This is the equivalent of the 21st Century audio-only romance. We’ve come a full circle. Right back where it all began.

People who have found love, either by stumbling into non-dating rooms and forging connections or by the small profile icon, believe Clubhouse has the potential to become the next Tinder. 

However, that does not make it a Dating app. The thing with love is, it can be found in the weirdest place at the most unexpected time, so by that logic, any app can be a dating app if you try hard enough!

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