What will be the SEO trends for 2023?

January 17, 2023

At Kala Agency, we have extensive experience in the world of digital marketing. We have been working for years on search engine optimization for numerous brands, and we know google algorithms very well. Therefore, we bring you the trends for SEO in 2023 that will be very useful in making your brand visible.

Will SEO change a lot in 2023?

This discipline aims to increase organic traffic to a website by making a brand more visible on search engine results pages (SERP).

In this sense, the main factors that have traditionally been followed are the quality and relevance of the content, the structure and architecture of the website, the use of keywords and the quality of the links it has, both internal and external.

On this basis, we believe that SEO in 2023 will not undergo major changes. But it will continue with the modifications that have been occurring most recently. The fundamental principles of SEO will likely remain virtually unchanged. For example, the relationship between blogging and SEO will continue to be very important.

However, the specific techniques and strategies used to optimize websites may evolve as search engines continue to update their algorithms. This is what we mean by the modifications cited in the previous paragraph. Without going any further, there are voices pointing to a greater emphasis on user experience and a website’s overall authority and credibility.

But, above all, two disciplines or technologies are starting to have a greater impact in this new year. We are talking about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the application of Virtual Reality (VR).

5 big SEO trends for 2023

But before we get into SEO’s relationship with AI and VR, let’s detail several specific trends that we believe may take hold or gain weight in the coming year.

As we advanced at the beginning, it is very difficult to predict with certainty the SEO trends for 2023. Agencies do not control search engine algorithms. Our mission is to try to interpret them and adapt to what they dictate. From our experience, we know that certain criteria will change, which may affect the way websites will be optimized.

So, we think that some SEO trends that could be important in 2023 are the five listed below:


  1. Optimization of the user experience. Search engines are looking to deliver quality results to users with greater emphasis. Therefore, they will reward websites that provide an even more excellent user experience.
  2. Quality and relevant content. Content is still king. So offering quality and relevant one will continue to be key for SEO in 2023.
  3. Site speed optimization. The loading speed of a website affects its search engine ranking. In other words, faster websites will get better results in search results sheets.
  4. Mobile SEO. According to Statista, 58.99% of the planet’s traffic comes from mobiles. For this reason, websites must be mobile-friendly and offer easy navigability for these devices. Moreover, everything points to the fact that this type of navigation will grow over the next few years.
  5. SEO by voice. 48% of users use voice for general web searches, according to Search Engine land. In fact, with the growing popularity of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa, we may see a greater emphasis on voice search optimization shortly.

Everything will be to see how the SEO world evolves and what new elements emerge. However, from our experience and what we know, these 5 SEO aspects in 2023 will have a lot of weight. So keep them in mind for your strategies and actions.

The Relationship of Artificial Intelligence and SEO in 2023

However, if one thing is already revolutionizing everything in the digital world, it is the emergence of artificial intelligence. Likewise, as in many other branches of online marketing, AI will also continue to have a major impact on SEO in 2023.

In this line, in Kala Agency, we have already seen how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied in various ways in search engine optimization. Some fields where AI and machine learning can help in SEO are:

  • Keyword analysis. AI tools are capable of analyzing large amounts of data. With them, they can provide keyword suggestions and create relevant phrases for content on websites and in other media.
  • In content creation. There are already AI tools you can use to generate content more efficiently. A great example is the popular and much-talked-about Chat GPT 3 in 2022. This can be very useful for sites with a high content volume or for brands that need to update it regularly.
  • Competitor studies and benchmarks. AI tools also can analyze competitors’ content and SEO strategy. In addition, they can provide suggestions on how to improve one’s SEO strategy based on that analysis.
  • Improve user experience. You can also use AI to personalize and optimize the user experience (something we’ve already noted as one of the top SEO trends for 2023). Likewise, you can make that experience much more relevant to each user. This will provide more satisfactory navigation and, ultimately, improve the ranking of your website.

Of course, the fact that AI will be used in SEO by 2023 does not mean that the human factor will disappear. Certain points or steps of the process may be eliminated, but with this technology, they will be automated and optimized. But AI is not yet capable of replacing the originality and creativity of SEO experts.

SEO in 2023 and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is another major technology that is already impacting SEO and will go further in the coming months. In this sense, VR can have some effects and applications in search engine positioning, such as the following:

  • User experience optimization. As with AI, if a website offers content in VR, search engines will likely reward it. That is, it will get a better ranking for offering a unique, much more exciting, realistic user experience.
  • Quality content. VR and its tools can be a very effective way to generate and deliver quality and relevant content. Something that will help improve your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Mobile SEO improvements and visibility. Many VR devices are used through smartphones. Therefore, making sure your content is mobile-friendly, so you don’t lose traffic is important.
  • Site speed optimization. VR can require a lot of technical resources to load your website. So you must check that your page loads quickly and efficiently so as not to lose visitors and positions in the SERPs.

In general, VR can be a powerful tool to improve the user experience and offer quality content on your website in different formats. In other words, it can positively impact the SEO of your brand and your business.

However, you must be clear about, as with AI, that using these technologies without control will not bring you great benefits. With them, you automate processes and streamline many tasks. Therefore, you save time and resources in terms of people and equipment. However, the human factor remains and will remain key in SEO in 2023, also in the application of AI and VR.

The strategic part is fundamental in digital marketing. Both for organic and inorganic growth. Therefore, it is best to rely on specialists who know how to apply these technologies and design strategies based on them. Just what we offer you at Kala Agency, where we will be happy to tell you and explain much more.

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