Why Hire a LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

October 17, 2022

LinkedIn is a social media platform that was originally intended for professionals to connect with each other. Today, it has evolved into a powerful tool for businesses to build their brands, attract talented employees, and get high-quality leads.

LinkedIn currently has over 850 million professionals and over 58 million businesses within their network. To connect with their target markets, businesses can utilize LinkedIn to communicate updates and information about the company, as well as relevant industry-related blog posts. It can help a business position itself as a leader in its field.

But if you don’t know how to make LinkedIn marketing work for you, you may be missing out on some serious opportunities. Fortunately, a LinkedIn marketing agency can help you make the most of this valuable networking site.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to promote a person or business to attract attention and establish connections. It can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and establish partnerships.

LinkedIn’s main focus is on professionals, so it’s a great platform for small businesses and freelancers who want to establish connections with peers in their industries. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — which are more focused on personal relationships — LinkedIn is designed to help you build business relationships.

There are different ways you can get noticed on a social network like this: LinkedIn Ads (paid advertising), LinkedIn Boosting (recommendations), Showcase Pages (a way to highlight your work) and Organic Growth Marketing

This last trend is still on the rise because it is the one that allows you to get customers organically and achieve customer loyalty. 

Why LinkedIn Is Valuable to Businesses

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have their strengths, but when it comes to business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn is the clear winner. Here’s why:

Precision Targeting

LinkedIn allows you to target your ads to specific job titles, industries, companies, and locations. This means you’ll only be reaching people who are relevant to your business in exchange for high-quality leads.

Higher Quality Audience

Many people use Facebook to create fake profiles for different kinds of purposes. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers more security since users create accounts specifically for networking and marketing purposes. It also gives access to a whole world of information that you can’t get anywhere else: company profiles, CEOs, job postings, and employee profiles.

Good for Brand Building

Long-form content like blog articles, videos, photos, and more can help LinkedIn users better understand your brand. For this reason, LinkedIn is a fantastic medium for companies to publicize their strengths and expertise to potential clients and partners, and to network with others in their field.

What Can a LinkedIn Marketing Agency Do For Your Business?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business owners, but it can be tricky to navigate.  If you’re looking to use LinkedIn on your own for marketing purposes, remember that you’ll need to allot some time and budget for experimentation, as well as employ SEO methods.

However, effective marketing takes time to learn. Marketing agencies have years of experience in online marketing and know how to get the most out of your budget and achieve effective campaigns. This means that you can do great things in less time and money. 

Here are some important ways a LinkedIn marketing agency can help your business:

Build Your Online Presence on LinkedIn

Hiring an agency can help you craft a polished profile and relevant content for your LinkedIn page to significantly increase your page’s engagement rates. Specialized LinkedIn marketing agencies can help you attract more followers and improve your online reputation.

These agencies have experts in a variety of fields, including content creation, so you can be assured that the posts and other forms of media they produce will be of the highest quality and directly address the needs of your target demographic.

Avoid Biased Marketing

An outside agency can look at your company with fresh eyes — without the internal bias that comes from being immersed in the day-to-day operations of your business. This allows them to see who your target audience really is, what they want and need, and where they spend their time online. An agency can then create a marketing plan tailored specifically for your audience.

These efforts enable more accurate messaging which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Provide Specialized Marketing Expertise

A good LinkedIn strategy is essential for success but it requires specialized expertise that you may not have available in-house. If you’re struggling with how to get more visibility on LinkedIn, hiring a LinkedIn marketing agency can help you achieve results quickly and easily.

These agencies already have systems in place and industry knowledge that can help you get started more quickly. In addition to saving you time and effort, they will be able to provide you with the optimal tactics for a results-driven campaign.

What Do You Get When You Hire a LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

Even though agencies offer a wide variety of services, prioritize finding one that specializes in LinkedIn marketing so that they can provide you with:

  • A dedicated social media account manager
  • A tailored LinkedIn ads strategy
  • An in-depth analysis of your social media performance
  • High-quality graphics that are made specifically for your brand
  • Original and engaging content
  • Monthly or weekly updates

When Should You Hire a LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

Is there a right time or circumstance for hiring a LinkedIn marketing agency? 

Any organization or even individual who wants to make the most of LinkedIn marketing can benefit from a professional and specialized marketing agency. Here are specific conditions when it’s smart to look for one: 

If You Have a Small Budget

Businesses often attempt to save on the initial expense of an agency by trying to do the same tasks in-house. High-quality leads are worth the financial investment though.

Because of their inexperience or lack of expertise, hiring just one person or a freelancer may result in a waste of time, money, and resources. When you bring someone onboard, you have to pay them whether their work produces the results you want or not.

In contrast, a LinkedIn marketing agency has several team members with different specializations that you benefit from.  Plus, since you only pay the agency when they deliver on their obligations, they have an incentive to retain you as a client by helping you achieve certain milestones.

If You’re Finding It Difficult to Troubleshoot Your Existing Strategy and Get Results

You can put hours into crafting the perfect profile, filling out your experience, and writing engaging posts, but if you don’t have a strategy or a team that’s focused on getting the most out of your LinkedIn presence — then all of that time is wasted.

A reputable LinkedIn marketing agency already has a solid base of satisfied clients and can effectively use the site to reach potential audiences who are interested in working with you.

If You Need To Focus On Something Else

It’s important that leaders don’t spread themselves too thin but there are only so many hours in the day. It thus becomes even more valuable to have a team who can help you so you can continue focusing on other important aspects of your business.

Hiring outside assistance allows a trusted team to take over some of the responsibilities which frees you up to meet clients, focus on business strategy, and manage employees.


Linkedin is the best social network when it comes to promoting your company. With the right agency, you can start seeing results in a short period. Turn your leads into customers with Kala!

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