Why Should You Outsource Link Building?

October 9, 2023

In the landscape of digital marketing, one strategy that continues to stand the test of time is link building. Acquiring high-quality website backlinks from reputable sources has long been recognized as a crucial element in improving search engine rankings and increasing online visibility.

It’s vital to explore the benefits of outsourcing and how it can save organizations time, improving the quality of links and ultimately leading to a more robust online presence.

What is Link Building?

The process known as link building is where specialists work to get other websites linked to your site. The primary purpose of this for SEO is to boost page search rankings, acquiring more high-quality inbound links.

Doing this method is vital for a site because the more high-quality links it has, the higher it will rank. Google and other major engines consider backlinks as a vote of valuable, credible, and helpful content.

How Are Link-Building Strategies Done?

There are many tips that marketing and SEO specialists use to employ a correct link-building strategy. Some of the most used strategies are these:

Asking for Links

The method of asking for links is often used by specialists, who actively contact other websites and ask them to link their sites to yours. This is included primarily in blog posts, in-depth guides, e-books, visual assets, case studies, and original research.

Manually Adding New Links

Adding links linked to another website is often done manually to increase engagement and provide a sense of trust of authority for a page. Linking social media profiles, business directories, forums, communities, and alternative sites are some of the most known options.

It’s important to note that manually adding links tends to be the least effective since they often come from low-quality sources. They do not add much weight to Google’s algorithm and are helpful for only a few cases.

These links don’t help much to grow a page’s reputation to reach higher positions in search engine rankings, but they do not hurt reputation either, and that’s why they’re used sometimes.

This is the standard method websites and organizations use without hiring a proper SEO or marketing specialist, and it’s suggested to be avoided since it gives no benefit.

Earning Links

Earning links refers to getting a site linked without asking others to do so. The best way to ensure this happens is by creating high-quality content like articles, influencing people to link their content to it as an authoritative and trusted source.

Getting these links added naturally is done when someone wants to link your article as a helpful resource to their content reading.

Some popular options are infographics, charts, diagrams, original research and data, online tools, and other tutorials or in-depth guides. Specialists can also check the competitors’ backlink profiles to get more content ideas and strategize.

Should You Linkbuild Through Guest Posts or Link Insertion?

When a company decides to outsource link building, SEO specialists often opt for two very well-known methods to get a link base: using guest posts and link insertion. Understanding these two strategies is vital because they are great ways to obtain backlinks.

Using Link Insertions

Also known as contextual links, niche edits, or simply link placements refer to placing backlinks into an existing post or website. Experts scroll through websites, finding posts that can be aligned with target pages mentioning similar topics that would perfectly fit the content.

Specialists also try to update the article or site to make it look more fresh, optimized, and valuable with better insights. This increases the chances of securing a link insertion since it benefits the webmaster and the client: one updates its content, and the other gets a link.

Making the Most Out of Guest Posts

The guest post tactic is one of the most well-known strategies to create a solid base of links. It involves specialists writing posts for other websites related to the client’s niche in exchange for a link that points to the site. These posts also expose the content, product, or brand to new clients, which is a welcomed plus.

An effective guest post needs to take place on a relevant site that can be directly related to the website to make it count. If they genuinely add value, they can build authority, generate traffic, and bring new customers to the site.

Which Method is Better?

One of the common challenges that SEO marketers face is whether one of the two methods is correct or better. The truth is that both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Link insertions tend to be much less time-consuming than writing a full-fledged guest post since it’s just placing a link in an existing site instead of creating it. Also, it can target any website from a niche; meanwhile, guest posts are limited to sites that allow them.

On the other hand, guest posts can help the client to establish themselves as a thought leader, building a loyal base of followers. Besides that, high-quality guest posts are likely to get referral traffic, attracting more people, while link insertions for older posts don’t get as much traffic.

Deciding between both methods must be planned by the experts. Employing a combination of the two can also help expand a brand’s reach while not actively consuming the whole time writing guest posts or focusing wholly on inserting links.

What Makes a Backlink Considered Good?

Knowing how strategies to build backlinks isn’t the only important thing. An SEO expert must know how to implement it and what makes it a good option. Addressing the differences between a good and a wrong choice makes a site improve its rankings. These are the things that make a link suitable:

Authority Links

The concept of authority in SEO relates to the quality of a website or page. The higher the authority score is, the more weight its link will have to the page. This way of including such links is much more variable than those from less relevant sites.

There are many SEO tools specialists from marketing agencies use to know and find which ones are the best links to use.


A site’s relevance is significant when it comes to link building. Google systems work in a way that they analyze content based on many factors, and one of them is whether the content is being referred to or linked by other prominent sites.

Focusing on getting websites from sites relevant to yours is the goal. Experts must not take advantage of any opportunity since this doesn’t provide any organic benefit. For example, a car mechanic page won’t get any increase if it’s referred to by one of the most renowned yoga sites.


Since a good backlink appears within the main body of a page, its position is essential. The likelihood of a viewer or reader clicking the link can drastically change depending on location. Usually, the higher it’s located, the more authority it can carry.

SEO specialists must avoid adding links in sidebars or footnotes since this is considered low-quality content and isn’t as worthwhile as the site’s main content. Also, it’s much easier to find and click if it’s within the text that the reader wants to check.

Proper Anchor Text

The anchor text of a link is the clickable part of the text that appears as a hyperlink. It’s an essential part of any backlink because the search engines and the viewers need to read it to know what the linked page is about.

The more relevant and descriptive an anchor text is, the better. Generic hyperlinks with little or no context aren’t helpful and don’t make a reader click them.

Why You Should Hire Specialists to Build Your Backlinks

The importance of a good outsourcing link-building service is often overlooked by many organizations that think they can do it independently. The truth is that even if they can allocate time to these tasks, the chances of them actually succeeding are slim.

Marketing agencies like our experts from Kala have the right tools and knowledge to assist you in increasing your revenue, visibility, and site rankings. Getting help to set up a link-building process has many benefits and freeing the client from such tasks.

Besides that, Kala can also help you with any other SEO-related task that your content might need: optimization, multilingual or enterprise SEO, and more. This helps dominate the market and successfully expand, acquiring new clients and even more visibility.


Hiring a marketing agency to outsource link building can be a strategic and cost-effective approach for businesses and website owners looking to improve their online presence and search engine rankings.

By entrusting this critical task to experts, you can access knowledge, tools, and resources that will save you time and allow you to focus on other core aspects of your business. Additionally, it helps to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, ensuring that a website remains competitive and visible.

Such a choice should be based on specific goals, budget, and the expertise required to achieve desired results, but it can undoubtedly provide valuable benefits when executed wisely.


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